Practicing Positive Self-Talk With Patty Carson

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The author believes success is found in the words we use

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) May 19th, 2021

Why do we keep chasing after our dreams, even if we continue to fail, one attempt after another? Perhaps we do so to prove ourselves to others and live a happy, successful life. Boundless Success with Patty Carson, now on Amazon, explores this concept and demonstrates how anyone can live a life of abundance.

Carson is a professional business builder and network marketer with 35 years of experience. She has professionally built herself to top leadership positions with two companies bringing millions in revenue to those companies and touching thousands of lives. Her leadership skills got her featured in Success From Home magazine.

With a lifelong aspiration to inspire individuals to overcome the obstacles that hold them back, Carson teaches them how to create a blueprint of their dreamlife. She says: “I believe the only way you really win in life is to have a servant’s heart. You don’t win alone; you win by helping others win!”

Centered around the power of our words and what we tell ourselves, Boundless Success talks about how we can stay motivated when obstacles and setbacks get in the way. With the power of prayer and practicing positive self-talk, Carson believes anybody can find lifelong success.

“The power of our words is more than we can imagine,” says Carson.

On a practical level, Carson also highlights the importance of taking concrete action steps to fulfill our goals. On goals, she says: “a goal without a deadline is just a wish.” Boundless Success is a motivational book that will inspire readers not to give up on their dreams so they can live the life they want.

“Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve met some amazing people. Patty Carson is one of the top servant leaders that I know in this industry! Not only that, she is one of the most consistent builders that doesn’t take care of her own goals just for herself, she takes care of other people’s dreams and goals like never before. If and when people need help, she will always be there! Also, she is resilient! I’ve seen her go through some really challenging times with family crises and lots of business challenges, and she always comes out smiling!” — Testimonial by Tom Challan, Entrepreneur, CEO of Priority Team, LLC., Network Marketing Professional.

“Patty Carson is the most determined person I know. When faced with adversity in life, she holds tightly to her faith and tackles every situation with determination. When she was, at one point, caring for her parents and grandmother, dealing with her own serious health issues, and supporting her daughter in the loss of her young husband, Patty was the solid rock holding it all together. She believes wholeheartedly that everything in life has a purpose and she strives to seek Him and His plan in the most challenging situations. She is my hero!” — Testimonial by Tracy Erickson, Teacher, Life-Long Friend.

The positive-thinking book, Boundless Success with Patty Carson is available on Amazon.

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