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PremiumTech Europe Becomes 1st European Company to Offer DisplayPort 2.0 Cables Supporting 16K and 77,4 Gbps Speed

Industry: Electronics

DisplayPort 2.0 cables are the newest in cutting edge, high-tech, more-than-fast accessories. PremiumTech Europe is the company leading the way with DisplayPort 2.0 for the European market.

Barcelona, Spain (PRUnderground) December 3rd, 2019

HDMI cables are set to be left behind fast. DisplayPort 2.0 is changing everything capable of lightning-like speed that will enable mind-bending applications, including virtual reality. PremiumTech Europe is leading the way as the 1st company in Europe to offer the exciting new cables, setting the stage of the next generation of technological breakthrough for home consumers. The enthusiasm surrounding the DisplayPort 2.0 cables, whose stats certainly impress all paying attention, in a very big way.

“We work hard to bring the European market the best in cables and wires that are compatible with the standards they require,” commented a spokesperson from PremiumTech Europe. “The new DisplayPort 2.0 cables are something the whole industry is excited about and we are proud to be able to offer them here in Europe. They open the door to all sorts of possibilities.”

Some highlights of the DisplayPort 2.0 cable features, according to PremiumTech Europe, include being the first cable to support resolutions up to 16K, a new bandwidth at 77.37 Gbps max nearly three times what DisplayPort 1.43 delivered, higher refresh rates, and a high dynamic range (HDR) support, all making for a much better gaming, video standard, and augmented/virtual reality experience.

The DisplayPort 2.0 also delivers improved support for multiple display configurations. The cables are backwards compatible that embrace the standard USB-C connector, as well as the previous versions of DisplayPort. They incorporate all plug and play with HDTVs, projectors, monitors, and many other devices.

All signs are pointing towards PremiumTech Europe making the new cables available just in time for market demand, as well as delivering a fine holiday choice for shoppers and tech-fans alike. One of the key authorities in the space, The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), who standardizes DisplayPort technology, has said in various media statement that the first products incorporating DisplayPort 2.0 will hit the market in 2020, something which will certainly begin the countdown to the end of HDMI being widely used.

The early feedback from the news about DisplayPort 2.O has been very positive across the board.

Justin S., a gaming enthusiast, from Paris, recently said in a five-star review, “I am beyond pleased with PremiumTech Europe’s DisplayPort 2.0 cables. PremiumTech Europe have been my go to choice for cables and wires and they have not let me down yet. Great service, prices, and customer support. Great to see that they are staying right on top of what their customers are looking for. Fully recommended!”

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