PureVPN Unveils Stellar Improvements with Version 7.0.2 of its Android App

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The option to become a beta tester, more privacy-centric features, new payment option and much more have been added by the VPN provider in the recently released version of its Android VPN app.

Hong Kong (PRUnderground) January 9th, 2019

The leading innovator in the VPN space – PureVPN – recently released version 7.0.2 of its Android VPN app and delighted users by giving them more control over their privacy by giving them the option to choose between NATd and non-NATd network.

For the less tech-savvy, a NATd network is where several users get the same IP address from the server, in this case the VPN server, and they are differentiated by modifying network address information in their IP header.In a non-NATd network, every user gets a unique IP address from the VPN server.By offering this choice, PureVPN has once again become the only VPN provider in the industry to cater the sensitive needs of privacy-conscious VPN users all over the world.

While offering both NATd and non-NATd network is a huge achievement in itself, the VPN provider has also given its users the option to become beta testers and actively participate in the development of a VPN app that’s custom built according to their feedback and suggestions. Any PureVPN user now has the freedom to opt into the beta tester program directly from within the app.

What New in PureVPN’s Android App Version 7.0.2?

The new version of PureVPN’s Android VPN app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Some of the latest innovations offered by the app include:

  • Allowing users to choose NATd or non-NATd network.
  • Streamlined most used features by moving less used features into beta.
  • Giving users the option to show or hide beta features.
  • Implementation of Become a Beta Tester feature.
  • Streamlined user journey and payment process.
  • UI improvements
  • Further optimized the Quick Connect feature
  • Decreased time to connect
  • Minor bug fixes

All these improvements and innovations combined will offer PureVPN users a much better experience in terms of usability and speed, especially. It’s worth mentioning here that AV Test – an independent German cybersecurity organization – recently tested PureVPN for speed and ranked it at par, and in some instances, even better than other VPN players in the industry.

About PureVPN

PureVPN is a leading VPN service that was established with the aim of providing users with complete internet freedom. Founded back in 2007, it boasts 2,000+ servers in 180 locations worldwide and has an ever-growing community of over three million users. The Hong Kong-based VPN provider offers an extensive set of streaming-centric features, accessible through its dedicated apps, and enjoys a stellar reputation of being one of the fastest VPNs in the market.

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