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PureVPN is a leading VPN service that was established with the aim of providing users with complete internet freedom. Founded back in 2007, it boasts 2,000+ servers in 180 locations worldwide and has an ever-growing community of over three million users. The Hong Kong-based VPN provider offers an extensive set of streaming-centric features, accessible through its dedicated apps, and enjoys a stellar reputation of being one of the fastest VPNs in the market.


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PureVPN Now Offers a 7-Day Free Trial on Its Android App

More Released on May 20, 2019

PureVPN Urges Brits To Take Their WiFi Security Seriously

More Released on May 15, 2019

PureVPN Releases IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC Leak Testing Tools to Help Test Your VPN’s Effectiveness

More Released on May 2, 2019

Cybercriminals are using new episodes of GoT to distribute malware, PureVPN warns

More Released on April 26, 2019

Know an Expat? Gift Them a Monthly PureVPN Account and Help Them Connect Home

More Released on April 11, 2019

Grab PureVPN’s B1G1 Offer and Gift 30 Days of Internet Privacy

More Released on April 6, 2019

Get Your Friend A Gift … On PureVPN, and Let PureVPN Pay for it

More Released on March 30, 2019

PureVPN the First VPN Provider to Raise Awareness about Chrome Zero-Day Flaw

More Released on March 11, 2019

PureVPN Warns About the Grave Dangers of Using Public Wi-Fi without a VPN

More Released on February 28, 2019

PureVPN Takes a Look at Connected Cars & the Future of Their Cybersecurity

More Released on February 17, 2019

Want to Make Your Business More Productive? Use a VPN! (Source: PureVPN)

More Released on February 1, 2019

Australia Open 2019: Star Players Lose but PureVPN Users Always Win

More Released on January 25, 2019

PureVPN Remains the Trusted & Fastest Source for Accessing Netflix US in 2019

More Released on January 21, 2019

PureVPN Unveils Stellar Improvements with Version 7.0.2 of its Android App

More Released on January 9, 2019

PureVPN Explains the Importance of Checking IP Addresses for VPN Users

More Released on January 4, 2019

Early Christmas Happiness, Brought to you by PureVPN!

More Released on December 16, 2018

PureVPN’s Travel Advisory for the Holiday Season

More Released on December 12, 2018

PureVPN Takes Black Friday VPN Deal to a Whole New Level

More Released on November 23, 2018

PureVPN Gears Up to Go All Out on Its Black Friday Deal

More Released on November 16, 2018

PureVPN to treat its users with Lightning-Fast Streaming speeds this Halloween!

More Released on October 30, 2018