PureVPN Urges Brits To Take Their WiFi Security Seriously

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PureVPN sheds some light on alarming WiFi security stats in the UK and how using vulnerable WiFi networks can harm netizens.

Hong Kong (PRUnderground) May 15th, 2019

The use of wireless routers in the UK has gone up from 34% in 2007 to 89% in the first quarter of 2018. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering they allow internet users the ease of getting online from anywhere in their house.

However, convenience isn’t the only thing that these routers offer to the users. If they aren’t careful enough, the inherent vulnerabilities in these devices can lead to some terrible consequences such as hacked WiFi as well as privacy and data breaches.

Worrying WiFi Security Stats of South-East, UK

Office of National Statistics (ONS) in the UK reported in 2017 that South East of England was the only region in the entire Great Britain with the highest level of household internet users. Since internet penetration tends to increase every year, the number could have skyrocketed in 2019.

Regardless, a recent survey conducted by the National Building Society (NBS) reports worrying stats about the South East internet users. According to the survey of over 2,000 users, it has been found that almost 73% of South East users have never changed the password of their wireless routers.

Even what’s more worrying is that 43% of the internet users don’t know how to change WiFi password, which leaves them fully exposed to numerous WiFi threats.

Dangers of Vulnerable WiFi’s

Cybercriminals can harm users in many ways if they have poor WiFi security. For instance:

  • They can compel users to use weak encryption
  • They can conduct harmful activities via a vulnerable router to hide their tracks and make others the scapegoat
  • Cybercriminals can redirect users to malicious web services and trick them into revealing personal data

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of ways, cybercriminals can hack and abuse wireless routers.

To prevent wireless router hacking, it is recommended to change WiFi password periodically. Moreover, it is also suggested that users should make sure that the password is complex and strong.

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