Representing West Coast Vibes Gets Stylish Upgrade with PurePacific Eco-Recycled Apparel

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On-the-rise apparel company derives materials for its products from the ocean’s plastic waste

Portland, OR (PRUnderground) January 15th, 2023

PurePacific is giving people a stylish way to represent their West Coast vibes with their line of eco-recycled apparel for men and women.

As much as 199 million tons of plastic waste pollutes the world’s oceans today. The team at PurePacific launched their company with the mission of saving the oceans from plastic waste by using this waste in a productive way while simultaneously offering eco-friendly clothing for those who are concerned about the environment.

“PurePacific is 100% dedicated to producing responsible apparel for an evolving generation,” said a spokesperson for PurePacific. “If you’ve ever been cosmically moved by a sunset over the ocean, and the realization that you are somehow part of it all, you can be a part of the movement simply by including our garments in your earth-friendly wardrobe.”

Since PurePacific’s official launch, people around the globe have shown love for the West Coast and the world by purchasing the high quality, trendy fashion apparel pieces from PurePacific. Some of these pieces include fun tees designed for states including California, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii. Women are finding fun tees and crews at PurePacific, while men are internationally-themed tees and more. PurePacific face masks have also been a big seller, offering a stylish way to meet precautionary measures with 3-ply protection.

“PurePacific lifts your spirits because you’re helping the environment,” said one shopper. “It helps clean the ocean, uses eco-friendly products, and contributes to saving the environment by not using materials that are harmful to all habitats.”

One dollar from each and every item sold is donated to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization that uses tech and science to tackle the ocean’s plastic pollution problem.

According to PurePacific, they will be continuously adding to their line of eco-recycled apparel throughout 2023. Representing West Coast vibes in sustainable fashion starts with visiting the PurePacific website at

About PurePacific

PurePacific is the premier lifestyle brand of apparel for men and women made with eco-recycled materials derived from plastic removed from the ocean.

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