Sabrina Di Nitto Releases New Book: Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension

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Number one new release on Amazon. Awakening the memory of your divine potential and your God/Goddess energy!

Flanders, Belgium (PRUnderground) December 23rd, 2021

Sabrina Di Nitto announces the release of her new book that delves into Religion, Spirtulality, Sacred Places, and Creation.

“Trusting in what John Keats describes as negative capability–the art of allowing beauty to be beautiful, stillness to unfold ever further–you contemplate these codes to come home yourself, to open your heart to the golden light now present, as always, within your cupped hands.”

Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension” explores the answers to many cosmological mysteries like:

· What creational force is beyond our Cosmos?
· How is our Cosmos and Source Field built?
· Who are we and how is our divine spark and soul structured?
· How, where, and why did we come into existence?
· How is existence structured?
· How can we embody our own Truth, our Soul?
· Why are we here now on Earth?
· Who do we become when we embody our GOD/GODDESS energy?
· How can we experience the Garden of Eden resonance in our heart?

“A remarkable read,” Says Michelle Pinkney. “The author starts from ancient sacred places, cosmic, in the earth, temples in which primordial gods initiate the reader. The Egyptian gods that are present are approached from an innovative angle, and lead you through the spoken word to the centre of your heart. A lot of metaphysical information is brought in an intricate and poetic way. I could feel the streams of consciousness and the loving intimacy. It was a remarkable read.”

Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension: A Sacred Journey through Creation has already hit #1 New Release status on Amazon. It is available at

Sabrina Di Nitto listens with her inner senses to the realm beyond manifestation, moving between form and formlessness. She deepened her inner knowledge in spiritual psychology, alchemical healing, Egyptian mystery, Merkaba teachings, transpersonal therapy to access the world beyond thought and form.

Since 2008 she works as a Spiritual Teacher and cosmic midwife of new consciousness. She practices breathwork, regression and incarnation therapy, family constellations, Voice Dialogue, multidimensional Merkaba healing and reading. She has also developed her own Venus Light Technology for soul embodiment.

Sabrina works with adults and children to integrate the light into their hearts and bodies. She works with many ascended masters and is initiated into the lineage of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. Her innate gifts as a visionary run like a thread through her life and her work.

Internationally she travels to sacred places to activate and reveal their pristine blueprint. Sabrina holds an M.A. in Romance Litterature, Linguistics and Philology. She speaks Dutch, English, French and Italian. Her workshops and trainings are given in English, French and Dutch. She lives in Flanders, Belgium, where she teaches, guides and writes.

Register at for upcoming events, audio excerpts, and meditations.


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