Samantha Jung-Fielding’s New Book Talks About Breaking Your Mindset Barriers To Achieve Success

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The author believes success is a state of mind. Wealth, prosperity and fame begin on the inside, and work their way out.

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) March 21st, 2020

Author Samantha Jung-Fielding’s chapter in the book Limitless Success, an anthology now available on Amazon, details how habits and behavioral patterns can lead us into a toxic and unproductive cycle from which it is hard to break free.

As a master hypnotherapist, master NLP practitioner, and performance specialist in the field of habit formation and behavior change, Jung-Fielding illustrates how most of our thoughts, ideas, and emotions are passed down from our parents and have a profound impact on our day-to-day life. The award-winning speaker and certified business mentor believes: “Your very existence is a formidable gift. Take the opportunity to design your unique pattern of productive cycles and happiness habits.”

Jung-Fielding talks about how negative emotions create a systematic repetition of problematic behaviors. Although our upbringing molds the way we process emotions and shapes our way of thinking, the author reassures us that we can stop bad habits and chase happiness and success.

“Any effective and long-term behavior change must begin with emotional release,” said Jung-Fielding.

So rather than focusing on our misfortunes, we must seek to create our own unique patterns with determination and compassion. Through Jung-Fielding’s personal revelations, she has created a motivational chapter in the book that will make us realize that the power to cultivate a positive mindset and achieve success is within our control.

“Sam is one of those inspirational and infectious people who always leave you thinking about what more you could be doing with your life. Just hearing what Sam achieves each day, week or month makes you want to get out there and lift your own game.” Testimonial by Bru Goldfinch | Director, Homes by Nest

“I initially met Sam through our local business networking group, which Sam was instrumental in establishing. The thing that immediately impressed me about Sam was her no-nonsense approach; she says things as they are. While this type of approach can, at times, be polarizing, the more you get to know Sam, you realize that not only is she forthright and logical, but she is also open, transparent, and honest. Everything that Sam undertakes is done with intent, heart, and passion.” Testimonial by Chris Deere | Director, The Alternative Board.

Limitless Success with Samantha Jung-Fielding is available on Amazon.

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