Sarah Tse, Jeff McHugh, & Bob Curtis Write a Professional Guidebook for College-Aged Adults

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How Young Professionals Can Undergo a Positive Mental Shift and Experience Success in Their Careers

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) July 4th, 2021

When graduating college and entering the working world, many students feel lost and are often horribly unprepared. Why is this? It all boils down to the importance of work ethic, integrity, and of course a willingness to do research instead of just charging blindly into your professional life. With the contributions of Professors Bob Curtis and Jeff McHugh (from Biola University’s Crowell School of Business), Sarah Y. Tse has written a book addressing this issue—From Illusion to Reality: True Stories and Practical Advice on How to Prepare for Career Success Before Graduating From College. Released on June 15, 2021 by TSE Worldwide Press, the book takes the combined advice and professional experiences of Sarah, Bob, and Jeff, intending to expose the mistaken beliefs of college graduates while also providing a dedicated space for practical tips that evoke a positive mental shift.

Also included in the book is a chapter on career prep, which will help you take practical steps towards discovering your potential future career. The advice given in this book covers both personal and professional life, since the level of excellence you demonstrate in one area will often impact the other. From Illusion to Reality will provide readers with a better understanding of their calling, as well as hope for the future and a passion that will drive them towards their goals. With personal anecdotes from the authors themselves as well as from graduates and working professionals from all walks of life, this book is both engaging and grounded in real life, not in abstract or elitist ideas. Written for average to advanced readers, From Illusion to Reality is an easy but engaging read that will put you on the right professional track, or at the very least make your options a little clearer than they were before you picked up the book.

Visit Sarah’s website to purchase From Illusion to Reality in eBook form, or preorder the paperback version (available on July 30, 2021). From now until July 11, there will be a 50% discount on the eBook!

ISBN: 978-0-578-93485-3 (eBook) $14.95

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Based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, TSE Worldwide Press is a global leader of high-quality commercial printing, focusing specifically on the innovative book projects of self-publishers. In particular, the company specializes in complex projects that require precise accuracy in details and color-matching. The key purpose of TSE Worldwide Press is to help self-publishers realize their dream, and to be with them for each step of making that dream a reality. This is the mission of Sarah Y. Tse, the CEO and co-founder of TSE Worldwide Press. Sarah is a self-starting businesswoman, leading both TSE Worldwide Press as well as United Yearbook Printing. At the age of 18, Sarah moved from Hong Kong to the United States as an immigrant in order to pursue her education, receiving a B.A. in Art and an M.A. in Business. With a love for books, a knack for problem-solving, and a passion for helping others, Sarah’s mission in life is to help others realize and fulfill their dream projects. Between her two companies, TSE Worldwide Press and United Yearbook Printing, Sarah has helped publish close to 1,000 independent titles for new authors and self-publishers between 2004 and 2021. Basing her memoir on her many years of business experience as a female minority, 7 Years on the Front Line is Sarah’s debut as a writer.

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