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Sci-Fi Author Don Viecelli Releases Nanomachine War – Book 3, Killer Nanoboids!

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Killer Nanoboids Threaten All Intelligent Species In The Galaxy!

Arlington Heights, IL (PRUnderground) May 27th, 2019

Nanomachine War – Book 3, Killer Nanoboids, is a Space Opera, Military Science Fiction story that completes the Trilogy. Yoykan Empire scientists develop a new nanoweapon to wipe out entire species based on their DNA. The Galactic Military Alliance (GMA) develops their own nanoweapon called Nanoboids that use Swarm Intelligence like a flock of birds to attack their prey and replicate. The winner of this galactic space war rules the galaxy.

Book 3 Description:

The Nanomachine War – Book 3 escalates in brutal fashion. The Qumru starship Solruku has been captured by the Yoyka during the Battle For Holtu and taken to Emperor Rahta’s home world, Yoykan. The Yoyka scientists develop a new, more terrifying, nanoweapon that uses tiny nanobot drones to attack, kill and consume their prey; then replicate to wipe out entire species based on their DNA. The AI Shonya helps regenerate Tumil on the Solruku using Onutu technology and they plan their escape. Rahta attacks Earth’s solar system in another attempt to defeat the Holtu Military space fleet causing devastating damage on Mars and killing millions of people on Earth with their new nanoweapon. UN Space Strike Force Captain Douglas Martin must take over command of the USS Illinois during the battle to save Mars. In desperation, the Galactic Military Alliance (GMA) develops their own nanoweapon called Nanoboids, which are minuscule nanobot drones that use Swarm Intelligence like a flock of birds to attack their prey and replicate. The final climactic space battles between the Yoykan Imperial Fleet and the GMA warships determine the fate of the galaxy. No one is spared from the terror of nanoweapons and fear of annihilation. Freedom from Yoyka rule and control of the incredible, life prolonging Onutu technology are at stake in this galactic space war.

Nanomachine War – Book 3, Killer Nanoboids is available in ebook format from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Smashwords. Reduced pricing at $2.99 is available for a limited time only. Check your favorite online retailer for the latest offers for each novel in the Nanomachine War Series.

An Excerpt from Book 3:

Koral spoke up pointing to the screen. “We have determined the swarming mass is made up of tiny nanobot drones the size of small insects. You will notice they only attacked people; not animals, birds or plants. We are not sure how they do this, but we can guess why. The Yoyka want to use the planet for themselves once this mass genocide of my people is completed.”

The surveillance drone continued to record images of the horror that was occurring on the surface. It was very difficult to watch what was happening. Doug noticed that even Di looked uncomfortable as the drone focused on one person with a close-up image of what was happening before their very eyes. The swarm of drones engulfed the person completely in seconds. A sound of screaming could be heard as the person tried to fight off the swarm unsuccessfully. Other people around him started to run for their lives, but were quickly engulfed by the swarm. It was truly the most horrible sight Doug had ever witnessed, even in battle.

“Here is something you should see. Watch what happens as the person dies,” Koral said.

Within minutes, the swarm of drones that attacked the person seemed to grow darker and increase in size. What was happening became very clear to everyone in the room.

“They are replicating,” Doug finally said out loud.

Suddenly, the newly enlarged mass of drones departed from the person they had attacked, separated into two new swarms and flew off in search of other victims. What was left behind shocked everyone in the room except Koral.

“There is nothing left?” Admiral Weston cried out.

The swarm drones had completed devoured the person it attacked and used the body as fuel to build more of its kind.

“We have calculated that the swarm drones double in size with every victim they attack. So far they only attack Synorans. The swarm has been programmed to attack and kill people with certain DNA markers. What we don’t know is how smart the nanobot drones are. If they think like the Yoyka nanomachines, there is no limit to how much harm they can do to a planet or its people.” Koral seemed very distressed at what they had learned so far.

About The Author:

Don Viecelli lives in Arlington Heights, IL with his family. He attended Michigan State University and earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Illinois.  He recently retired as a product marketing professional in the high tech industry and is now pursuing a writing career. He has always enjoyed science fiction and plans to continue writing imaginative novels that explore the future boundaries of real science. He writes science fiction book reviews on popular authors and lists them on He can be found on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and he has his own Website for science fiction readers. He is also a Member of the Writers of SciFi, a talented group of Indie Science Fiction writers and authors.

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