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Men's jewelry has become an essential for fashion lovers and Seekers is one of the best examples of this trend with their bracelets, rings, pendants, chains and necklaces

New York, NY (PRUnderground) May 28th, 2021

Until a few years ago, jewelry seemed an exclusive accessory for women, luckily those times have passed and currently men add to their looks that extra touch of style and personality that Seekers jewelry brings.

Classic, groundbreaking, elegant, radical… We bring you three very different styles from one of the industry’s references in the United States with a great presence among celebrities and influencers.

Todd Anthony Tyler – The Modern Gentleman

The versatile Todd Anthony Tyler is many things but above all he is fashion and style. This Canadian, reality TV judge, fashion photographer and former model, perfectly represents the modern gentleman style.

On his blog The Perfect Chemical features weekly posts on suits, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories and whisky. Mandatory reading for men who want to keep up with the latest trends.

A casual style in which a Rolex watch together with a Skull Labradorite Matte Black Gold Bracelet from Seekers provide the touch of class, distinction and personalization that characterize Todd’s clothing.

Brynn Cobb – The Denim Dork

Raw denim, leather boots, and rugged fabrics, an essential account to rediscover fashion after 40.

This Californian based in the Santa Cruz Mountains brings us a personal and totally distinctive style. A breeze of fresh air surrounded by touches of wood, nature and the aromas of a good bottle of bourbon.

He perfectly blends his style alongside one of Seekers most iconic pieces, a Kudos Silver Bracelet with a Lapiz Lazuli Gemstone. A personal touch that adds strength and rejuvenates the whole.

Gonzalo Costa – The Urban Rebel

With a natural, casual, youthful style but with a lot of class. This is what you can expect from the account of Gonzalo Costa, one of the most popular lifestylers among the American public.

If you want to learn how to get the full potential out of your closet, his account is one that you should follow. Great variety of styles without losing that urban and rebellious spirit.

A lover of accessories, a Signature Gold Pendant from Seekers that combines perfectly t-shirts, watch, bracelets, hat, backpack… Many possibilities and a lot of versatility if you know how to take advantage of it and Gonzalo undoubtedly knows how to do it 😉

The extra personality that a jewelry brings

It is clear that jewelry for men is not a question of age or style, it is about broadening your vision, exploring new possibilities and combinations and above all having an open mind. It’s about lifestyle.

Be it bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, cufflinks … All occasions are good to wear a piece of jewelry, a distinctive element that oozes personality. The people of Seekers know this well, we invite you to visit their website and discover which piece best suits you.

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