Shane Adams Teaches You About Leadership With the Help of Acronyms in His New Book

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The author believes success is what you give to others to propel them forward

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) September 29th, 2021

No matter what stage we find ourselves in, there is a leader inside all of us, and we are called to exhibit leadership at every stage. In Breakthrough Success with Shane Adams, now available on Amazon, readers will learn about the spiritual and practical aspects of leadership via easy-to-remember acronyms.

Shane Adams is a network marketer developing next-level leaders by inspiring people with what he has learned and experienced from some of the best leaders in the industry. He is a member of leadership development groups and regularly speaks online about the importance of personal development in becoming an effective leader. He aims to help people live life on their terms by working with his organization and assisting people through lifestyle coaching with the brand “Master your Mind, Wealth and Wellness.”

For Shane, it doesn’t matter where one starts, as long as they have posture, which he defines in the following manner: “One of the best definitions for posture (which I have heard from a mentor) is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance, approval, or agreement.”

The theme of servant leadership runs throughout Shane’s chapter as he stresses the importance of giving oneself to the other in order to make them and ourselves grow. By being vulnerable and direct about your intentions, you engage the people you are leading. By doing so, you will see results.

“When starting an endeavour or venture, it is crucial to begin with the end in mind, to lead with integrity, and engage with people and the process while having faith with grace. The results will be ongoing, and you will win by having a servant heart (B.E.L.I.E.F. G.R.O.W.S.),” says Shane.

Breakthrough Leadership with Shane Adams is beautifully jam-packed with knowledge backed by experience from a man who went through personal struggles and pains, grew from them, and now inspires others to build better lives for themselves.

Suzan Ozturk from Phoenix Shift describes Shane’s ability to share knowledge: “For the past seven years, I have had the privilege to witness Shane’s evolution within himself from a business idea and taking action by transferring his higher knowledge to his friends, business clients, and anyone lucky to have met him. Shane has a beautiful soul; he is a visionary, an entrepreneur, and leads with integrity and spiritual awareness. Shane naturally radiates the light within on a micro level and therefore is felt on a macro level for people to feel at home with him on every level. I am very proud of you, my friend. You are the star that shines bright and radiates people’s hearts when they need you. Love.”

Having worked with Shane, Timothy Walton shares his experience: “Shane—a young, empowered guy. With so many big dreams, he consistently seeks ways for them to become a reality while caring for others’ progress. He is focused on inspiring and empowering people. When working with him, I always found him open, joyful, inspiring, loyal, and always happy to discuss new potential ways of doing or seeing some aspect of his life. Thankfully, Shane is one who doesn’t accept ‘no’ as an answer. Rather, he asks ‘In what other effective way can we achieve this goal?’ Employing the ‘Ask a Question and Always Expect an Answer’ principle, he has achieved much progress in his life. It is a pleasure to see his onward upward progress.”

Dive into Breakthrough Leadership with Shane Adams, now for sale on Amazon, and learn the essentials of leadership.

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