Shelly Fitzpatrick Launches New “Plant-Based Superheroes” Kids Book! Free Promo!

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Shelly Fitzpatrick, Author of "50 Reasons for a Vegan and Plant-Based Diet" book has just launched her second book today for kids titled "Plant-Based Superheroes." This new kids book is a great way for children to learn the truth about food and how they can become Superheroes when they save animals.

Newport Beach, CA (PRUnderground) May 9th, 2020

Shelly Fitzpatrick Announces Availability of“Plant-Based Superheroes” book.

New Kids Book on Going Plant-Based

Shelly Fitzpatrickannounced immediate availability of“Plant-Based Superheroes” book.Free copies will be provided to Children’s Hospitals, and promos are running to provide free copies to the first 25 doctors, nurses, and emergency workers with kids during the pandemic.  At the Thank You Sanctuary kids meet a comedian chicken, a wakeboarding cow, and a blurry-vision soccer playing dog.  They enjoy fun activities with the animals at the magical sanctuary while hearing about the animal emergency rescue tales, and why the animals needed to be saved.  They learn they can become Superheroes when they save animals and don’t eat them.  FREE Copies to Childrens Hospitals and the first 25 Essential Workers with kids who share the book on their IG or FB pages.

 Positive Reasons for Customers:

With the current state of the Corona Virus Pandemic, (which was caused by people eating animals) and the past viruses like Swine Flu, SARS, and Bird Flu, (which also came from eating animals,) it is time to change our eating behaviors from animal meats to plant-based meats. “Plant-Based Superheroes” Shelly Fitzpatrick comes at a time when our planet and environment need to be protected from factory faming and animal agriculture, which contributes to waste and an over-abundance of water and land consumption.  Shelly Fitzpatrick is committed to teaching children the truth about animals, the environment, and living cruelty-free lives by choosing plant-based and dairy-free alternatives. “Plant-Based Superheroes” book.will enableparents and teachers to end the cycle of euphemisms and instead provide an alternative to eating animals by going plant-based, dairy-free, and cruelty-free.

“This is a great non-graphic book which is an informative, yet fun and easy-read for kids,” said Nate Harrison, Teacher.

“Plant-Based Superheroes” available for purchase on Amazon, Google Books, Barnes and Nobles, and Smashwords.

Shelly Fitzpatrick’s “Plant-Based Superheroes” available for immediate download at


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Shelly Fitzpatrick Author of 50 Reasons for a Vegan and Plant-Based Diet book and newly launched Plant-Based Superheroes book.

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