Speaker and Bestselling Author Kimberly S. Reed Asks “Can You Be Optimistic for 21 Days?”

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Launches New Program Designed to Re-Energize Those Suffering Pandemic Fatigue and Teach the Skills Necessary to Tap Into the Power of Optimism

Cherry Hill, NJ (PRUnderground) April 7th, 2021

Award-winning international speaker, author, corporate trainer, and diversity, equality, and inclusion executive, Kimberly S. Reed announced today the launch 21 Days of Optimism, a new, comprehensive exploration of the power of optimism that begins Monday, April 12th.

The engaging program is a 21-day exploration into the tools, tactics, and themes of Reed’s latest book, Optimists Always Win – an interactive book that encourages readers to road test their optimism skills, eliminate discouragement, and create a new set of positive habits.

The program’s short videos will explore themes from each chapter of the book, and will challenge participants to be optimistic – every day – for the ensuing three weeks. To keep everyone on track, each morning of the program will begin with a daily dose of optimism and practical tips for leveraging “discouragement eliminators” which Reed considers the most important technique for successfully adopting an optimist’s mindset.

“People are looking at 2021 as just the 5th quarter of 2020, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The key is to adopt a positive mindset,” says Kimberly Reed, founder and CEO of The Reed Development Group, a cutting-edge multi-disciplined diversity, equality, and inclusion solutions firm. “That’s why we designed 21 Days of Optimism to push people out of fear-gear and challenge them to be optimistic for 21 days to show how a positive attitude can better their lives in a mere few weeks.”

The goal of 21 Days of Optimism is to assist all those who have suffered through a challenging year of pandemic lock-downs and social distancing and are looking for ways to re-energize and get motivated about life again. Using the program, participants will have the opportunity to watch a video series of motivational talks, learn positive day-to-day coping techniques, and master the skills necessary to thrive at home – and professionally – as an optimistic person.

“2020 was a year of changes and change in any form, be it a job loss, a death of someone close, or a recent break-up, can disrupt our routines and comfort levels, sending us down into a spiral of negativity,” says Reed. “Our program will show people how to avoid this spiral and how to build new habits powered by positivity.”

Joining Reed in leading the series will be an expert panel of inspirational leaders, each of whom will share their tips for overcoming deep adversity they have faced in their own lives. These speakers include:

  • Jennifer Freeman, actress, inspirational speaker, and former star of My Wife and Kids
  • Thomas Smith, 3x Paralysis Survivor and Inspirational Speaker
  • Pastor Debra Morton, Author of Beyond The Storm
  • Bea Wray, Author of What an MBA Taught Me….. But My Kids Made Me Learn
  • Benny Pough, CEO of Dverse Media
  •  Irfan Khan, CEO of CLOUDSUFI
  •  JiNan Glasgow George, Co-Founder of Magic Number
  •  Lauren Zajac, CLO and CDO of Work Human

To learn more about 21 Days of Optimism and to sign up for the program visit:



About Kimberly S. Reed

Kimberly Reed is an award-winning international speaker, author, corporate trainer, and diversity, equality, and inclusion executive. With more than 20 years in HR, talent/recruitment acquisition, diversity, equality, and inclusion expertise, Kimberly has successfully countermanded inadequate and/or troublous diversity practices by designing, building, leading, and shaping dynamic, high-performing work cultures. She is the founder and CEO of Reed Development Group, a cutting-edge multi-disciplined Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion solutions firm.

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