Stephen Heidenreich was Hit and Left to Die While Training for the Olympic Games

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How I survived a TBI and created a successful life using world-class training methods are shared in my new book Running to Win.

Watertown, SD (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2021

In 1976, Stephen Heidenreich was the top candidate to make the U.S. Olympic team that year. Stephen anchored the Indiana University 4-mile relay team to a world record in 1974. In 1975, he ran eight sub-four-minute miles. In 1976, he became the first Big Ten runner to run a 4-minute flat mile indoors. The Olympic Games was his next challenge.

While training for the USA Olympic team, a near-fatal hit, and run accident changed his life forever. His neurosurgeon gave him a five percent chance to live. Most likely, he would not complete college or compete again as a runner. Most likely, he would recover in a vegetative state.

Despite a traumatic brain injury and these unfavorable odds, Heidenreich completed a Master of Business Administration at the prestigious Indiana University Kelley School of Business and a Master’s in Education specializing in Special Education. In the face of tremendous physical and mental challenges, Stephen trained for the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

How was he able to achieve all of this? By applying the world-class training and skills that he learned while training under three Olympic Track and Field Coaches. Using the book’s steps, Stephen beat the odds and has had great success in academics, business, and life.

If Heidenreich could accomplish so much, imagine what you could achieve if you put his strategies to work in your life.

In Stephen’s new book Running to Win, you’ll learn how to be excellent in athletics, academics, or both. This book will help you be successful in business, athletics, or whatever your desire for greatness may be. In reading this book, you will learn step-by-step strategies and tools to succeed in business, athletics, and school. Here you will learn the habits of long-term success and optimum performance. When these habits for success are applied, your long-term success will be phenomenal.

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About 3:55 Press

Stephen Heidenreich is one of 1,400 sub-4:00 milers in the world at 3:55, a hall of fame athlete and a traumatic brain injury survivor. In 1976 while training for the Olympic Team he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Doctors gave him a 5% chance to live, let alone run again. As an experience international athlete, Stephen used his proven strategies for athletics and got his life back, completed his undergraduate degree and an MBA. With his new book Running to Win, it seemed fitting to honor his best time and name his publishing company 3:55 Press.

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