Strategic Response Partners Says 40% of Businesses Could Fold and be Liable for Loss of Lives Without Tornado Disaster Teams in Place

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Disaster management firm says companies without pre-established disaster response teams designated to respond in real-time to tornados will suffer additional property damage, reputation loss while potentially being liable for on-site employees, tenants, and customers entering an unsafe structure.

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) August 7th, 2019

Though federal labor laws generally require all employers to have an emergency action plan that organizes activity during workplace emergencies, one disaster management company says too often, most employers don’t even have any plan whatsoever, and for the ones that do, at best, their plans are meager, outdated, and/or ineffective.  Exemplifying this point, often times large residential buildings have numerous tenants who errantly believe they are safe before and after a storm due to the building owner’s perceived aptitude for maintaining adequate safety guidelines.  Unfortunately, all too often this is not the case.  Culpable large commercial asset owners in Tornado Alley – namely South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Northern Texas, and Eastern Colorado generally have more on their shoulders than managing bottom lines.  Due to the large number of natural disasters their building assets incur, such asset managers also have to try to manage blame in an effort to deal with the devastating financial burden natural disasters can cause to these properties.

In addition to the financial consequences a building owner or manager must face after a natural disaster occurs for which they were caught off guard, such parties are also often left to deal with the resulting damage to their reputation when injuries to employees, residents, or customers of their building occur while onsite due to the building’s failure to adequately prepare. With an inability to bargain with an average of 1,253 tornadoes that occur annually in the US, large-scale companies with everything to lose should employ professional consultants who can fully assist with planning prior to any major disaster  A stand-out in an industry of what is typically composed of oversimplified disaster planners, after over thirty (30) years of experience, Strategic Response Partners (SRP) continues to raise the bar.  They have all the technological bells and whistles to mitigate the resulting damage from the worst storm , while helping to keep those affected calm.  Call it the real-time “boots on the ground” approach to storm negotiation.

Steve Selleck, Managing Partner of SRP states, “Just recently a tornado blew the roof of a shopping center in Mississippi.  People were walking around exposed wires and under what remained of the roof which was about to collapse on a large group of people attempting to salvage what they could and empty their store.  If only a team had been in place to educate beforehand and coordinate during and after a storm, the potential for havoc would have been significantly minimized.  Even though there’s little chance you’ll be able to eliminate all damage resulting from being hit by a tornado, there certainly are measures you can implement today to minimize damage to your property, reduce disruption to your business, and help save the lives of your employees and patrons.”

SRP is a comprehensive disaster management company covering everything a business might need when dealing with a natural disaster.  From writing the most compressive disaster management plans in the world, to responding ahead of time to prepare clients the day before and the day of an impending natural disaster, SRP is not only at the forefront of its industry, but is developing and integrating cutting edge technology to ensure it is an invaluable and unique resource for all of its clientele.  Responding immediately to save lives and property, SRP keeps their clients’ businesses operating and recovering quicker with a new unmatched industry standard.


For each client, SRP first creates and puts a customized technology-based disaster prevention plan into play.  This plan generally starts with integrating the use of a highly-sensitive weather radar that can secure all applicable geo points on a predictive early warning severe weather tracking platform.  The ability to notify clients that they’re in the path of a severe weather outbreak coupled with SRP’s ability to  respond immediately to their clients’ threatened site(s) is essential.

“Our plans work because we cover everything from planning for a storm to responding during it with the best response time possible. We work with major businesses to develop comprehensive preparation plans for all types of emergencies.  Then, we can be confident because we’ve already created comprehensive and customized disaster plans and educated our clients where their potential fail points exist.  Monitoring property locations and linking arms with our Critical Response Team to prepare people and secure buildings before any disaster hits is key,” Selleck adds.


All to often, during a severe weather event, local fire departments are simply unable to respond to most calls for help, and even if they could, it may be too late. It is critical to the recovery efforts that an internal disaster management team mobilizes in the storm zone ahead of these supercell tornadoes and hurricane zones days before an event actually strikes.  Then when appropriate, SRP’s highly-trained Critical Response Team can move in-and-around storms while its Disaster Management Team works alongside the internal team to inspect properties for hazards such as structural collapse, electrical, gas leaks, exposure to hazardous materials, and assist in immediate mitigation efforts to limit or avoid the potential for loss of life and further property damage.

After a storm, Strategic Response Partners uses specialty drones equipped with thermal cameras, speakers, and lights to help locate people who have been displaced and/or trapped by the storm, and then provide critical rescue services, as needed.  SRP’s convoy generally also includes a team of highly-trained firefighters and paramedics as well as life and safety support for some of America’s top meteorologists.

SRP First Responders include:

  • Urban Search and Rescue
  • Firefighters and Paramedics
  • Hazmat Environmental Consultants
  • Structural and Roofing Engineers
  • Electricians and Disaster Response Coordinator
  • Tornado Critical Response Chase Team

Taking their reputations into their own hands, building owners all too often look past the need to have pros who know how to secure their buildings and forensically document the damage, generally because they don’t recognize the need for such services or they are just trying to save a buck. Details like controlled access and waivers from the tenants and employees who enter the premises can help to contain serious liability.


With recovery plans specifically tailored to their clients’ businesses, SRP focuses on facets such as life, safety, and all other liabilities.   Leaving nothing to chance, SRP engages its cutting edge drone team to complete a full survey and property conditions report before and after a storm, all in an effort to mitigate any loss, help ensure quick insurance settlements, and to reopen its clients’ businesses ASAP.  Loss consultants are also available to help clients manage and navigate disaster insurance claims.

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