Success Starts Within – Chazz Scott’s New Book Empowers Readers to Bridge the Gap Between Wellness and Success

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Successful health meets healthy success in the groundbreaking new book rooted in the principle that outward success begins with inner wealth

Washington, D.C. (PRUnderground) August 8th, 2023

In 2023, there is no shortage of books, courses, seminars, or programs on wellness, personal development, or success. Unfortunately, what most miss within all of these books and programs is the connection between health, wellness, and success. Health and success are not mutually exclusive; on the contrary, they are deeply intertwined in the outcome of one’s life. However, one author is on a mission to flip the script to normalize the health-success connection with passion, purpose, and precision.

Chazz Scott’s new book, Success Starts Within, endeavors to shed light on the connection between health and success by dismantling stigmas and bridging the gap by illuminating one simple principle – outward success is only as viable as inner well-being. As a successful entrepreneur, author, and mindset coach, Chazz Scott has dedicated his career to helping individuals overcome their challenges and build a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Releasing August 8th at Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere books are sold, Success Starts Within is a comprehensive guide to abundance, rooted in science-backed strategies. Redefining self-care to infuse radical transformation, Chazz Scott helps readers transcend negative thinking, gain inner confidence, improve focus, and develop meaningful relationships. Packed with proven techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety, boost life satisfaction, and improve whole-body health, Success Starts Within offers practical solutions anyone can integrate into their daily routine.

In an era where burnout is at an all-time high, inflation is running rampant and the cost of living is impacting the wellness of everyday Americans, Success Starts Within equips readers with the tools they need to make wise decisions for their health and future based on a clearer understanding of how the mind and body operate.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to community, Chazz Scott’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of Success Starts Within on August 8th.

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About Chazz Scott

Chazz Scott is an Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker, Mindset Coach and Founder of Supra Mentem – a consulting firm specializing in training leaders in peak performance, well-being, and sustainable success. His clients include the D.C. Hospital Association, the Maryland Association of Election Officials, and the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce. Chazz is the Executive Director of Positively Caviar, Inc., a nonprofit focused on using optimism to build resilience and disrupt youth mental health stigmas. A proud Washington D.C. native, Chazz is dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering individuals to unlock their inner potential and set the framework for an abundance life rooted in wellness and healthy success. He has been named a BE Modern Man by BLACK ENTERPRISE, selected as Top 30 Under 30 by HBCU Buzz, and a recipient of The Positive People Award by The Baltimore Times.

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