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Swiss Ingenuity Takes Flight in this Versatile WanderVest

Industry: Apparel Company

Switzerland (PRUnderground) November 1st, 2017

Accuracy, precision, and versatility are hallmarks of Swiss ingenuity.  That’s why the world looks to them in their choice of timepiece, pocket knife, even instant coffee.  And now a Swiss innovator has come up with WanderVest – the Swiss army knife of travelling.

WanderVest is a 20-pocket vest that converts to a tote bag.  Wear it before boarding your plane to avoid the hassle of airline luggage restrictions then fold it into a bag you can stow in the overhead bin.

Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in the U.S.A., WanderVest lets travelers take most of the items they need during their trip – from clothing, to phones and laptops – without having a checked-in luggage.  This means no baggage fees, no wait at the carousel, and no lost luggage worries.  WanderVest saves travelers time and money.

A wonder in durability and economy, WanderVest limits the ecological impact caused  by travelling.  It is made of 100% hemp fabric, a sustainable material which is also anti-microbial and resistant to mildew and mold.  Its only other component is the zipper (another Swiss invention!).   WanderVest helps save the environment.

WanderVest hopes to one day take its place on the list of everyday things that have made our lives easier – think vegetable peelers, cellophane and Velcro – all products of Swiss creativity.

But the team behind WanderVest needs the public’s help to make that dream a reality.  It has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with a funding goal of $20,000 within the next month.  Several exciting perks and rewards await those who want to be a part of this innovative project.  Best of all, backers will have boasting rights for having been one of the first to recognize a winner when they see one!

For more information and to support this campaign, please visit:


About WanderVest

WanderVest is the vision of group of innovators who love to travel and love the planet. For additional information, please go to: http://wandervest.com/

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