TACS Rings in Year 10 With the Launch of a LUMINOUS Version of a One-Hand Timepiece Favorite

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Bringing a new kind of radiance to a unique timepiece, TACS sets the tone for an on-trend watch that’s easy on the eyes.

Tokyo, Japan (PRUnderground) April 3rd, 2020

Incorporating what’s minimalistic in the truest sense of the word, TACS announces a new kind of illuminated artistic approach to time.  Celebrating their tenth anniversary with the launch of a highly-stylized watch designed to think beyond the norm, TACS has created a new version of their popular Day & Night watch.  The lifestyle brand showed off their penchant for innovative mindsets when they first launched the one-hand watch and its 24-hour movement.  Designed to “slow down time” by reading it with only an hour hand, the Day & Night watch set a new trend.  Now, the company has taken its simplistic design up an enlightening notch with a new LUMINOUS feature.

Similar to the original Day & Night watch with the exception of its black dial, case, and new luminous feature, the watch all about harmony.  Designed to represent the full cycle of day and night, the 24-hour watch puts the wearer in the mind of Yin and Yang. To that end, the watch face has two icons; one symbolizes the sun and the other the moon.  To signify day at the top of the watch dial is a silver ring emblematic of the sun.  A silver round plate symbolizes the moon for night at the bottom of the dial.  A small dot incorporated into the hour hand represents the rising and setting sun.  When the dot sits in the silver ring, it’s noon.  When it finds the silver plate, it’s midnight.  In between these hours, Swiss Ronda 24-hour movement underscores each half-hour and all intervals in-between. With luxury at the fore, the watch straps are made of Italian leather that measures only 1.2 mm thick.  This design encourages the soft leather strap to wrap itself closely to the wearer’s wrist.

Motegi San, the founder of TACS, said of the launch, “In celebration of our tenth anniversary, we wanted to make a statement with the Day & Night LUMINOUS watch. While certainly, time passes for us all, life should not be spent micro-managing it.  The LUMINOUS version isn’t designed to make the wearer feel like they’re being run by time but, instead, the other way around.  Its design is luxurious, on-point, and something that catches the eye in a way that implores others to ask about it.  And, in the asking, a conversation can ensue about what time well spent can mean to us all.”

For more information, visit https://tacs-image.com/product/daynight-luminous/.

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About TACS

Based in Hong Kong, TACS is a Japanese watch brand that was created by Motegi San in 2010. His vision for the company continues to be the employment of thought-provoking designs that incorporate functionality wrapped in a simplistic approach.

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