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The Biggest Private Archaeological Museum in Eastern Europe Will Open Doors Soon, Reports Hebros News

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Europe is perhaps the only continent with such a density of museums and galleries. Think of the Louvre in France, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, the British Museum, the Vatican Museums in Italy, and so on.

Sofia, Bulgaria (PRUnderground) January 9th, 2020

Europe is perhaps the only continent with such a density of museums and galleries. Think of the Louvre in France, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, the British Museum, the Vatican Museums in Italy, and so on. And while these famous tourist locations attract billions of people each year, some hidden cultural gems are just as worthy of exploring. Like the small East-European country Bulgaria with its abundance of historic towns, archaeological sites, gallery halls, and, most importantly, the biggest private museum in Eastern Europe that will open its doors in the Bulgarian capital very soon.

Set to become a new cultural beacon, the future museum will offer a brand new way of experiencing art, history, culture, and technology altogether. “Vassil Bojkov Museum”  will be something with no equivalent worldwide. The project envisions complete renovation of the great-listed Telephone Palace in Sofia to host expositions of rare archaeological findings, contemporary exhibitions of paintings, and other cultural and art displays. The previous owner of the building – the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company – is said to have used it for administrative tasks, with some of its premises converted into some sort of entertainment venues and restaurants.

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Transformed into a museum, though, the Telephone Palace is said to become “The Bulgarian Louvre.” Visitors will be able to enjoy lectures on various topics. They will see history through holograms and will look at artifacts projected in 3D formats, thus, getting a more comprehensive understanding of Bulgaria, its antique treasures, and historical events. In addition to this, the renovated building will have one additional floor on top and more underground parking lots. What is also quite interesting is that several specialized labs will also be part of the biggest private museum in Europe. Similar laboratories have never been available at the territory of Bulgaria.  Thanks to the ultra-modern technologies and equipment, experts will be able to work on the restoration of artifacts with high precision.

But the realization of the project seems to have been quite challenging. Even though the building permit was issued back in July, it still took some time before the license came into force, and the actual work on the reconstruction could finally begin. For what is known, the Telephone Palace encompasses 13 400 square meters and additional 3,000 square meters dedicated to the underground area. This space will be extended, with another 4.5 meters underground.

Why is this project so unique?

The main idea of the NGO “Thrace Foundation”, official representative of the future museum is to put on display one of the most intriguing private archaeological collection of Thracian treasures and much more. This will be the first Museum in Bulgaria with ultramodern, interactive, digital sets to make learning about history a really interesting and pleasant experience for anyone. The collection is owned by the Bulgarian entrepreneur Vassil Bojkov. In Bulgaria, he is known as one of the most renowned patrons of art and an antique collector. His assemblage includes over 3000 Thracian vessels and various ancient monuments, dating from 4000 BC. to the VI century. Numerous rare relics from Vasil Bojkov Collection have been exhibited in some of the greatest museums in European capital cities. Mr. Bojkov has also established the Thrace Foundation, whose purpose is to retain and preserve the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria.

As it seems, if there is one thing Europe is famous for, it is its historical, cultural, and artistic centers. People from all over the world travel to famous places such as Italy, France, Austria, Greece to get the most exquisite experience of ancient cities, ancient civilizations, and the legacies they left behind. It is not surprising that there are so many galleries and museums on the continent. But while many decide to wander around those popular destinations, they forget that countries such as Bulgaria have a lot to reveal. With the construction of the biggest private museum in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, undoubtedly, this small Eastern European country will turn into a top destination for anyone interested in art, history, and culture.

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