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Sekaitekina Yugo Successfully Attracts Renowned Scientific Experts to Taketoyo

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Sekaitekina Yugo (ISIN: JP0033455528), a pioneering company at the forefront of efforts to commercialize fusion energy – a major endeavor for mankind – today announced its initiative of inviting prominent fusion scientists and laser and nanotechnology experts from around the world to its facility in Taketoyo, Japan. Sekaitekina Yugo has created a distinctive fusion technology… Read more »

Lactocore Group Joins Biolabs Heidelberg, Establishes EU Presence

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Lactocore Group, a rising biotech company, announced the acceptance of its subsidiary, Lactabico into BioLabs Heidelberg, the German hub of an international network of shared lab and office facilities for life science start-ups. This international community is known for its cooperative initiatives with major pharmaceutical companies, positioning Lactabico at the forefront of key industry collaborations…. Read more »