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GeoOptics Orbiting Observatory To Monitor The Changing Earth

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A leader in Earth remote sensing, GeoOptics Inc., today announced a major upgrade to its CICERO constellation of satellites to measure our evolving planet. With launches beginning next year, CICERO-2 will form a unified Earth observatory allowing governments, industry, and individual stakeholders to monitor and prepare for the many impacts of climate change. “In today’s… Read more »

Parachills is Here

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Parachills Limited is a global investigative organisation that specifically investigates and studies the field of paranormal and UAP as well as offering addtional investigative services such as fortean, missing persons, cold cases and cyber bullying. Parachills came to the scene publicly in July 2020 and have continued to grow globally since. Aside the range of… Read more »

Physics Issues Product Safety Advisory to Prevent Challenge Course & Zipline Accidents

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Out of an abundance of caution, Archimedes, TX company Physics has initiated a voluntary safety notice for multiple products.  It had come to their attention that their products are being utilized within the challenge course and zipline industry in manners that the company was not previously aware of.  The issue was identified earlier this month, and an… Read more »