“The Eclipse” Seeks to Remind Us of The Harsh Reality for Those Crossing the US Mexico Border

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A tale of a Central American family separated by violence, experiencing the healing effect of being reunited after crossing the US Mexico border.

Central America (PRUnderground) March 31st, 2019

In book three of the Praying for an Eclipse trilogy, two boys, Javi and Santi, have crossed over into the United States through separate paths. They run the risk of not seeing each other again were it not for two human rights activists, Lee and Alice. Through a series of bizarre events, Lee comes to realize these two boys are related to him, members of the family whom they lost contact with several decades earlier. Praying for an Eclipse: The Eclipse, is the culmination of a story five generations in the making, describing in vivid detail the brutal plight of Central Americans seeking refuge in the United States.

Guillermo Márquez-Sterling is a Cuban American pastor, educator, and activist for sustainable change. As most Latinos, he is upset at the blight and vast economic inequality that marks most of Latin America. He is the author of Crossing Into the Land of Saints and Rise of the Spiritual Activist. Guillermo lives in Florida with his wife and family.

“Guillermo Márquez-Sterling’s literary voice and writing style are absolutely perfect for this genre.” ~Gillian Hancock, Indie Book Reviewers

“Márquez-Sterling has really created something that is eye-opening and enthralling.” ~Kaylee Stevens, Barnes & Noble

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