The Last Martian Sunset Follows an Ambitious Young Man Who Takes a Chance on Building a Life on Mars

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Feeling stifled on an overpopulated Earth, the opportunity to rebuild on Mars was too hard for Xan to pass up. Has he finally escaped the issues on Earth he left behind?

Los Angeles, California (PRUnderground) June 28th, 2019

Jon Vassa’s debut novel, The Last Martian Sunset, is about a disillusioned young man who manages to find a way to escape his dead-end life prospects on Earth and make his way up to the new Martian frontier.

Xan’s dream was to bring wealth and prosperity to the family he loves, but he soon realizes that he will never be able to achieve it on Earth. After working for over a year at the hovertrain station, Xan finds himself at the mercy of the government after being falsely accused. He began to devise a plan to give up his wretched existence on Earth in exchange for a promising future on Mars.

Xan’s first step on the gritty Martian soil was also his first step into a series of dangers. With a hopeful naivety and a dogged will to succeed, Xan tries to integrate into the Martian society, scoring few wins yet more enemies. A spiritual cult tries to take him under their wing by offering him a place in their “family” and promising to help him rise to the upper echelon of Martian society, but with one stipulation: that he remain steadfast and loyal to their divine plans.

Jon Vassa is a novelist and screenwriter. His writings have appeared on Aphelion, Crimson Streets magazine, and are forthcoming on more. He is currently under contract to co-write a feature length screenplay with EN Films in Singapore.


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