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The Light Network Publishes Author Lane G. Martinsen’s “The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution”

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New book reveals how to potentially get 22.6% more income in retirement through holistic planning strategies.

Santa Barbara, CA (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2019

For those who want to ensure they will have enough income for a comfortable retirement, and breathe easier knowing that their financial future is secure, then this may be the most important book they will read. Retirement planning authority Lane G. Martinsen and publishing house The Light Network are taking a powerful step towards helping solve this problem with the release of Martinsen’s new book, “The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution.” “The Holistic Retirement Planning Revolution” delivers what is usually difficult, complex tax concepts in an easy-to-understand way, for people of all ages. The enthusiasm surrounding the book, which is available on Barnes & Noble and Kindle, as well as directly from The Light Network, is high and rising.

“In our rapidly changing world, the traditional approach to retirement planning is seriously outdated but still overwhelmingly common,” remarked Martinsen. “True holistic planning will provide significantly more income in retirement, but most people are simply unaware. Effective financial planning for retirement is a complex process that involves blending multiple components into a specific plan that is unique to each individual.”

Martinsen provides many valuable insights in his new book. Traditional tax deferred retirement accounts such as the 401k are infested with “yet to be taxed” dollars. “The Holistic Retirement Plan Revolution” points to where and how a retirement plan can be transformed and improved dramatically. The book brings clarity and explains more simply the complicated financial services industry as well as the new innovations that are changing the way we invest. A wide range of these financial tools and options are looked at and reviewed to help the reader understand what they may or may not want to use and why. All with the aim of helping readers retire with a solid retirement plan to rely on and no bad shocks or surprises.

The reviews for the new book have been passionate across the board.

Curtis Farnsworth, CPA, recently said, “Mr. Martinsen skillfully explains powerful, complex financial and tax concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. I recommend this book to everyone. The tools presented are sophisticated and robust. However, they are presented in a manner that makes for easy reading, adapted to a level that all can appreciate.”

The paperback book can be ordered on Amazon here.

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The purpose of the book “The Holistic Retirement Plan Revolution” is to educate and entertain. The author and/or publisher of both this book and press release do not guarantee that anyone following these techniques, suggestions, tips, ideas, or strategies will become successful.

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