The Long Harbor Testament, a Debut Suspense-Thriller by Tom Minder Releases in Two Days

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Catholic priest Father Jim has a gambling problem, a girlfriend, and his brother Gabe just killed his bookie. Detective Mark Porfino investigates.

Philadelphia, PA (PRUnderground) January 3rd, 2017

Two brothers, one a priest, one a model citizen, cover up the killing of a local bookie. While the townspeople debate whether the act was a crime or public service, a detective and a mob boss investigate separately, crossing paths in search for the answer. Father Jim weighs his loyalty to Gabe, and protection of his lover, against the vows he’s made to himself and his church. Sermons to faithful and unfaithful alike parallel the storyline, and hint at what has occurred or foreshadow what will.

As in themes from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, and the works of Graham Greene, the men face moral dilemmas by making ill-advised decisions. Yet, there’s hope of salvation, if they can only rely on the power of understanding and forgiveness, while avoiding retribution. The town of Long Harbor and its quirky citizens provide relief from the darker aspects of the story, with fast food, drinking, Girl Scout cookies, a dead man with a morbid sense of humor, and a wedding with a miracle, contributing to the search for the killer.

Advent and Lent, the seasonal and religious timeframes, structure the story. Each chapter is titled after a scene from the bible reminding the reader, two thousand years later, that people face similar situations and consequences.

About the Author: Tom Minder lives in South Jersey with his wife Paula, and writes novels and short fiction. He is published in various online journals and in the Beach Nights anthology published by Cat & Mouse Press. He is a member of the South Jersey Writers’ Group and The Writers’ Coffeehouse.

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