The Pseudo President, a Fictional Novel Containing Over 25 Current and Shocking Voter-Fraud Methods

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America’s dubious view of recent elections has a solid basis. Many current state-election-laws increase, encourage and protect voter fraud. Can it be stopped?

Washington, D.C. (PRUnderground) May 30th, 2019

The Pseudo President, by Dr. Rob Bryant is a fictional thriller taking readers through murder, romance, intrigue, mystery and suspense. The main characters and storyline are fictitious but based upon the over 25 current voter fraud methods. Many current state-election-laws increase, encourage and protect voter fraud.  The Pseudo President is a fiction page-turner. The text provides enough detail to Google the actual events. The reader won’t know what to believe until the final chapter. The ironic ending depicts poetic justice. This book incorporates information found in government web sites, articles, descriptions, demonstrations, videos, and media reports. The voter fraud methods described include (See Video):

-Lack of voter ID

-Non-paper-based voting-machines

-Computer virus

-Misuse of five types of ballots

-Six methods to vote more than once

-Four types of ineligible voting

-Destruction or invalidation of legitimate ballots

-Attacks on polling places

-Vote buying

-Creation of misleading and/or confusing ballots

-Media/political misinformation to confuse voters

-Vote manipulation of the blind, the mentally disabled, elderly, inebriated and other groups incapable of             making informed choices.

-Voter suppression

-Politicians moving precinct boundaries to their benefit.

Readers can take a Survey of their opinion of the voter-fraud methods above.  Currently, the US is a politically divided country. Both sides will enjoy reading this book and supporting or defending their political views. We face a crisis which could lead to voter fraud, illegitimate politicians and even a Pseudo President!

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