Thunder an Elephant's Journey: Pint Sized Wisdom Brings a Powerful Message

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THUNDER: AN ELEPHANT’S JOURNEY ERIK DANIEL SHEIN & L.M. REKER Mid Grade Fiction 978-1-629895-64-2 $10.68 USD / 222 pages Available March 7,2017

Pensacola, FL (PRUnderground) December 31st, 2016

Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey is a story children will fall in love with over and over again. Thunder is about an African Pygmy Elephant who is separated from his herd when a group of poachers try to capture the elephants for their own personal gain. While we learn about all the wonderful animals Thunder meets on his journey, we are also reminded that it is our responsibility to preserve our world and protect those that cannot protect themselves.

Erik Daniel Shein & L. M. Reker present a story that has more than adventure. It carries the message that we can all make a difference. Animals are important to our world and their preservation has a global impact on all of us. As active members of the Arkwatch Foundation, some of the proceeds from sales will go to the Arkwatch Foundation whose mission is to prevent the depletion of rare animal and plant species. The Arkwatch Foundation:

Erik Shein recently submitted an advance copy of Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey to the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge and received a letter from the Duke of Cambridge thanking him for his thoughtfulness.

Thunder is already making its rounds around the world and we couldn’t be happier!

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