Times Ticking Watch Repair Announces Mail-in Repairs for Vintage Elgin Watches

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Times Ticking, which repairs rare watches from around the world, announces mail-in repairs for timepieces produced by the now-defunct Elgin National Watch Company. From the 1860s to 1960s, Elgin was the world’s largest watch manufacturer, but its watch parts are now hard to find.

Layton, Utah (PRUnderground) May 24th, 2021

For nearly 40 years, Utah-based Time Ticking has been performing mail-in watch and clock repairs for clients from as far away as South Africa and Japan. The company is proud to announce that it will become one of a limited number of shops to repair vintage watches made by the Elgin National Watch Company, which was once the leading producer of watches worldwide.

Times Ticking performs everything from vintage clock and watch repairs to tune-ups to full restorations. While many companies turn down repairs for timepieces that involve hard-to-find parts, Time Ticking has the connections to procure these parts and the expertise to perform complicated repairs.

While vintage watches produced by the Elgin National Watch Company often fall into the difficult-to-fix category, Times Ticking is taking on these repairs for both in-person and mail-in services. “These watches represent a very important part of history, and we’re excited to be preserving their legacy,” said Seth Thompson of Times Ticking.

When the National Watch Company opened in Elgin, Illinois in 1864, they offered something that other watchmakers didn’t — factory-made replacement parts. Prior to this, watch repairs cost a fortune as technicians had to create the replacement parts by hand. Elgin made watches affordable not just for the upper class but for the working man, and it soon had a corner on U.S. pocket watch production.

The company contributed not just to the evolving watch industry but to history. During World War I, they were active in teaching U.S. army soldiers to make precision repairs so they could synchronize time for battle strategies. During WWII, they supported the American government’s order to cease consumer watch production and support the war effort by manufacturing military watches, aircraft instruments, and sapphire bearings for aiming cannons.

Though World Wars and overseas competition caused the company to close after 100 years, many of their watches are still in circulation — and in need of repairs.

“We love to make things work again, but more than that, we love to keep family memories alive through services like Elgin watch repair. Rather than throwing their old watch out, people can reach out to us, and we’ll help bring it back to life — not only as a timekeeper but as a link to a rich past,” said Thompson.

Times Ticking stands by their motto, “If it ticks, we know it!” They perform repairs on big names such as Breitling, Citizen, Timex, Rolex, Seiko, and Tag Heuer as well as rare timepieces. To learn more about Times Ticking and their repair services for Elgin watches or other vintage timepieces, visit www.TimesTicking.com or call (801) 991-1097.

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Times Ticking specializes in watch repair. A trusted repair center for watches and clocks, their personalized customer service is what sets them apart.

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