US Kidney Research Corp Invited to Speak at American Society for Artificial Internal Organs Conference

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USKRC will present implantable artificial kidney technology to researchers and scientists

Roseville, CA (PRUnderground) March 6th, 2020

US Kidney Research Corporation (USKRC) received a personal invitation from the International Federation for Artificial Organs to speak at the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) conference in Chicago to be held in June, 2020.  This “special session” at this year’s meeting of ASAIO is entitled “Implantable Artificial Kidneys: Current status and Challenges.” Dr. Jamie Hestekin, the head of research at the University of Arkansas and research/scientist partner for USKRC will attend and give the presentation.

USKRC will be presenting their novel dialysate free blood purifying technology to leading researchers and scientists involved in pursuing research which could make the implantable artificial kidney a reality in the future.

Roland G. Ludlow, Founder/CEO for USKRC said, “The International Federation for Artificial Organs is a prestigious organization with worldwide recognition. We are honored by the invitation and pleased for the opportunity to present our novel technology at this year’s ASAIO conference”.

The mission of the International Federation of Artificial Organs is to increase and encourage knowledge and research on artificial organs, apheresis, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and other related topics, to facilitate the international exchange of knowledge, and to provide education related to the improvement and optimal utilization of organ assist devices.

The Federation arranges biennial congresses jointly with the Member Societies with special emphasis on international aspects and dissemination of knowledge into developing countries. The international peer reviewed journal ARTIFICIAL ORGANS is the “Official Journal of The Federation.”

About US Kidney Research Corporation

US Kidney Research Corporation (USKRC) is a Delaware C-Corp founded in June, 2015. USKRC is a leader in the field of artificial kidney research and involved in R&D of the world’s first waterless renal replacement technology.

Contrary to dialysis, their new technology does not require purified water, dialysate concentrate solutions, or a dialyzer, providing significant advantages for both the patient and provider. Their novel waterless blood purification technology is leading to the creation of a truly artificial kidney to replace dialysis and native kidney transplantation. Additionally, the same technology is being used to develop a portable wearable artificial kidney, a portable tabletop device, and ultimately an implantable artificial kidney.

USKRC is currently finishing their portable prototypes. The company says that with adequate funding their backpack and tabletop portable prototypes can be completed and ready for clinical trials within 2 to 2 1/2- years.

The company’s future plans include advancing their technology, miniaturizing their prototype for use in an implantable artificial kidney. The company is also advancing their new non-clotting filtering technology, PD dialysate regeneration, and studying the role of middle molecules (uremic toxins) including a method to detect, identify, and isolate them.

USKRC is working with Dr. Ira Kurtz, their Science/Medical Advisor/Board Member, whom also is the Chief of Nephrology at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and with researchers from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Arkansas, headed by Dr. Jamie Hestekin.


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