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UTOPIAS – Book 2 Sequel Released!

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War with Eurasia Federation is inevitable—only the outcome is in doubt.

Arlington Heights, IL (PRUnderground) July 11th, 2016

UTOPIAS – Book 2 continues the story of Primes (humans) who awoke after one hundred years in underground cryonic sleep chambers to find that the androids they created to fix the environment from the devastating effects of global warming were not ready to release control of their megacities. In Book 2, the Prime, Premier Wing, in China has regained control of the Eurasia Federation and is driving the former android leader, Supreme Director Chen, and his supporters out of the Federation. Wing plans to conquer the world once he destroys Great Britain. Wing’s atrocities against the androids are discovered. President Ricardo Carlos of the United Americas Continent must do the unthinkable to stop Premier Wing before he attacks the UAC with nuclear weapons and subjugates all androids to do his bidding.

UTOPIAS – Book 2 is available in ebook format from Amazon Kindle , Barnes & Noble Nook and Smashwords. Special promotions are available for UTOPIAS and UTOPIAS – Book 2 for a limited time only. Check your favorite online retailer for the latest offers for the Utopias Series.

An Excerpt from the ebook:

President Ricardo Carlos looked disappointed in the news and responded, “Great Britain does not have much time, General. Prime Minister Patterson thinks Wing’s army will invade within two or three weeks.”

“Then I suggest we send our submarines and destroyers to sink any ships Wing is planning to use on the invasion force to disrupt their plans, or at least slow them down, Mister President,” Mitchell replied.

Secretary of State Robert Long interrupted and said, “This will mean we must declare war on Eurasia, Mister President.”

Ricardo looked at Robert and replied, “War with Wing is inevitable. He plans to attack us the first chance he gets. We need to support Great Britain; no matter the cost. Wing must be stopped.

“There may be a bigger problem with Wing’s army than we previously thought,” President Carlos added, but hesitant to bring it up. “Ariel has advised me that Wing may be planning to use nuclear missiles if Great Britain does not surrender.”

About The Author:

Don Viecelli lives in Arlington Heights, IL with his family.  He attended Michigan State University and earned his MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Illinois.  He retired as a product marketing professional in the high tech industry and is now pursuing a writing career.  This is his seventh full-length science fiction story.  He has always enjoyed science fiction and plans to continue writing imaginative novels that explore the future boundaries of real science.

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