World Earth Day: Considering the HiPEAK E-bike as a Way to Travel

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Through this article, we should rethink the way we travel and replace driving with cycling as much as possible to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 21st, 2023

Everyone can contribute to the protection of the planet through their own actions. In this process, riding has become one of our favorite form of exercise. It not only exercises the body, but also reduces the pollution to the environment.

Therefore, on this year’s Earth Day, we should rethink the way we travel and replace driving with cycling as much as possible to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, while encouraging others to join in environmental protection actions to protect our beautiful planet together. Here are Eddie and Brian’s actions on Earth Day:

Eddie participates in an environmental cleanup activity on the beach on Earth Day

Eddie Mason is a cycling enthusiast. He loves nature and is concerned about environmental issues, so every year on Earth Day he participates in a local environmental event. For this year’s Earth Day, he decided to ride to a beach far from the city for an environmental cleanup.

At 6 a.m., Eddie got up, put on his sports gear and prepared to start the day’s ride. He checked his bike and equipment to make sure everything was in order and set off.

Along the way, Eddie enjoyed the beautiful scenery and didn’t forget the purpose of the ride – to participate in the beach environmental cleanup. He thought to himself, if everyone could be as concerned about environmental issues as he was, the earth would be a better place.

Finally, Eddie arrived at the beach and saw a group of volunteers who were cleaning up the trash for the beach. He joined the group and listened to everyone’s experience sharing while carefully picking up the trash.

Although it was an exhausting job, Eddie found it very rewarding. He saw that his efforts could make this beach cleaner and felt the atmosphere of everyone working together for the cause of environmental protection.

That night, Eddie came home feeling very satisfied and happy. He knew that the ride had not only exercised his physique, but more importantly, made him more concerned about environmental issues and doing his part for the planet.

From this day on, Eddie started a new lifestyle, using less plastic bags, cutlery and other disposable items, walking and biking more to reduce his impact on the environment as much as possible.

In the future Earth Day, Eddy will continue to support the cause of environmental protection with practical actions and hope that through its influence, more people will pay attention to environmental issues and protect our beautiful earth together.

Brian Smith replaces his car on Earth Day

As a retired Marine Corps staff sergeant, flight cadet and Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor, Brian is aware of his impact on the environment and has decided to take action to reduce his negative impact on it. He says he spends most of his time shuttling around in a gas-guzzling SUV: “Gas prices are crazy right now, and we’re all trying to save money. But you can totally ride an e-bike to get from point A to point B to point C.”

He sees e-biking as a greener and healthier way to travel, reducing car emissions and noise pollution while also being good for your health.

In addition, as a flight student and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Brian focuses on health and fitness training. Riding an e-bike not only exercises his body, but also improves his cardiorespiratory function and increases his endurance, which helps him better maintain his health in daily life.

As an environmental protection enthusiast, Brian hopes to pass on the concept of environmental protection to people around him through his practical actions and promote more people to join the ranks of environmental protection and protect our earth together. Therefore, he chose to replace his car with a HiPeak folding electric bike on this Earth Day to support the cause of environmental protection with practical actions and do his part for the earth.

Earth day is more than just a day, it is a small change in the way humans make small changes in their daily lives that ultimately have a positive impact on the environment. Are you ready to take the challenge and replace your car with an electric bike in just one day this spring?

On this Earth Day, here are 8 reasons to switch your car for an electric bike or scooter

Transportation is a significant factor that affects climate change, and one particularly effective and enjoyable alternative to solo travel is a personal electric vehicle, such as an electric bike, electric scooter, or other small electric vehicle.

Cars are often used as the default mode of transportation, even when a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds is not always necessary. While electric cars are undoubtedly an ecological improvement over gasoline-powered cars, they still use 10-20 times the energy of micro-mobility alternatives like electric bikes. By swapping many car trips for personal modes of transportation, you can significantly reduce your daily energy consumption in a meaningful way.

Some people have managed to sell their cars and live a completely car-free lifestyle by relying solely on e-bikes or similar electric transportation to get to and from work. Here are 8 reasons to trade in your car for an e-bike!

1. Reducing energy consumption

An e-bike is a battery-powered vehicle that can be used by simply charging and does not require fuel. Therefore, it is more economical than conventional vehicles in terms of energy consumption.

E-bikes utilize kinetic energy recovery technology to convert some of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for subsequent use while driving. This technology reduces the waste of energy and increases the efficiency of energy use.

2. Electric bikes need less effort than pedal bicycles

Electric bikes are equipped with electric power system, when the rider needs to climb or face strong wind and other large resistance, you can adjust the electric power mode to reduce physical exertion. For example, HiPEAK folding electric bike is equipped with 750W power system and 7 levels of pedal assist mode to help you travel easily.

3. Saving commuting time

E-bikes are effective in saving commuting time because of their speed, convenience and manageability. In addition, e-bikes can make commuting more convenient and efficient by avoiding traffic congestion and reducing parking wait times.

4. Electric bike is more money-saving

Compared with driving a car, personal electric vehicles are guaranteed to save you money. Whether it’s an electric bike, electric scooter, electric unicycle, or anything else, the operating costs are ridiculously low. Many people who ride electric bikes use less than one dollar worth of electricity per month. In terms of miles, depending on your efficiency and local electricity rates, one dollar of electricity could get you anywhere from 300-400 miles of riding range.

But it’s not just the daily riding costs that you’ll save on. Other significant savings include not having to pay for gas, insurance, car payments, or parking fees.

5. Becoming more healthier

Riding an electric bike requires a certain amount of muscle strength and endurance, which can be obtained through exercise. When using an electric bike, riders need to control speed, balance the body, and perform turning movements, all of which help to exercise the muscles.

Moderate aerobic exercise can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Electric bikes provide a good aerobic exercise method, and riders can use it to exercise in various scenarios, improve their physical fitness, and reduce the risk of illness.

6. Enjoying more convenience

Smaller devices such as electric folding bike are perfect for carrying to destinations, such as under the table in a restaurant or under a desk.

7. Reducing travel time for all

The more cars there are on the road, the worse the traffic becomes. Therefore, every driver who removes cars from the road and replaces them with smaller, private electric bikes contributes to reducing the traffic jam.

8. They are interesting

People feel happy the first time they tread the pedal or turn the throttle and feel the power under their feet on an electric bike or scooter. There is something very fun and exciting about these bikes.


As an indispensable part of our daily life, traveling is a crucial aspect of how we take action to protect the planet. On this special day, let’s rethink the way we travel together, choose a more environmentally friendly, healthy and economical way to travel, and make a small contribution to the planet.


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