Ficklets Establishes Partnership with Leading Optical Accessory Distributor

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Ficklets, LLC, has recently established a partnership with leading optical accessory distributor, Ron’s Optical. The interchangeable eyewear charm huggers are now available to the thousands of Ron’s Optical customers online as well in retail stores around the country. “I’m thrilled to have Ficklets partnered with a strong company like Ron’s Optical,” said Ros Guerrero, founder… Read more »

Jamie Sullivan Releases The S.T.O.P & T.H.W.A.R.T Siblings Fighting System

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Jamie Sullivan today introduced her newest parenting book, The S.T.O.P & T.H.W.A.R.T Siblings Fighting System following the huge success with her previous parenting books release of Child Anger Revealed and No More Talking Back. It is specifically written for parents who are facing problems at home with siblings rivalries, their children fighting and bickering among… Read more »

Service Contracts: What They Are And How They Are Keeping Customers Satisfied

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While it would be hard to guarantee perfect performance for every piece of technology that is sold, there are ways to decrease the inconvenience of a malfunctioning product. The best way is through service contracts and warranties. Fortunately, for people interested in labeling products, service contracts are offered by South East Labels to provide customers… Read more »

Going Back Google Basics


I have so many clients who use our social media press release services yet when I look at their site I notice that if they just add some basic SEO to their site, They will start showing up in search engines. At PRUnderground, aside from paying $29.95 for a press release, we also analyze your… Read more »

Teaching English, the Right Way!

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London, April 2010 – In Bollywood – India’s version of Hollywood – stars like Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan have the reputation of being talented actors who can single-handedly draw audiences to their films, and ensure that the film recovers its initial investment. The latest actor to don grease-paint as a teacher is the current… Read more »

Smutlife Launches New Website And Online Store

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Smutlife, the online portal that explores underground culture, has launched a new website and online store for its legions of followers that are interested in raw, unabashed and unedited coverage of everything from hardcore and hip hop music to ink communities, extreme sports, sex and porn. Smutlife Magazine, as the name implies, provides a voyeuristic… Read more »

The New Celebrity-Endorsed Cure For Frozen Shoulder: The Niel-Asher Technique

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While some methods of surgery, physical therapy and a copious intake of various drugs have worked in relatively rare cases; they have been ineffective in the majority of cases, and usually provided only temporary relief. The Niel-Asher technique is revolutionary in its simple approach: without resorting to drugs or invasive procedures, this is a form… Read more »

Free Breast Exercises To Help Prevent Sagging

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There comes a time in every girls life where gravity starts to take effect and your boobs start to drop a little. It may be after childbirth, putting on a little weight or just the normal weight fluctuations that happen to us all. It is possible to help prevent sagging by keeping fit and performing… Read more »

Chocolate By Any Other Name Tastes As Sweet

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London, April 2010 – “Chocolate these days are available in a great many sizes and shapes. If you have the imagination, there is someone out there to make your gift a reality”, says chocolatier Zeba Ahmed, who makes her own chocolates out of her workshop in Hammersmith. So what have been the strangest requests that… Read more »

Burn Some Rubber with Exelement’s Father’s Day Gifts

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Ferrari Driving at its Best! Cars are one of the universal symbols of freedom, the embodiment of man’s ability to break free from his chains and extend his reach to the farthest corners of the Earth. When the rubber hits the asphalt, however, there is one thing that cars can do that almost everyone that’s… Read more »

All Roads Lead to Seville

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“The Fair officially begins at midnight on Tuesday, normally 2 weeks after Semana Santa, or the Holy Week, and ends with a fireworks display the following Sunday, again, at midnight. But due to the massive interest that our April Fair has generated, we have now begun having events and other activites as early as the… Read more »

Cosmopolitan Charismatic And Close… Even More Reason To Visit Brighton

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Located on the south coast of England, Brighton is a major part of the city of Brighton and Hove in East Sussex and a place that has been associated with a rich cultural history ever since the mid-eighteenth century. Development of Georgian terraces from 1780 onwards began the conversion of the small fishing village into… Read more »

Speedy Registrations 2.0 – Diving Headfirst into Social Media

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In this day and age it’s important to have your company represented properly online, but gone are the days when just a website was enough to maintain a digital presence. Nowadays, if a company doesn’t have a profile on some of the most popular social media sites, appear in Google and run their own blog,… Read more »

New Technology Helps People Avoid Added Sugars

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New iPhone application helps people to scan bar-codes and avoid added sugars in response to a study linking added sugars to heart disease The average American consumes 21 teaspoons of added sugar a day – almost double the consumption rate of 30 years ago – while those that consume less than 7 teaspoons a day… Read more »

Coclico Celebrates Earth Day With “Soles4Soles”

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Coclico, a leading designer of eco-friendly footwear, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by donating customers’ gently used shoes to Customers who bring their shoes into the Coclico store at 275 Mott Street in NYC will also receive a $25.00 gift card towards a new pair of Earth-friendly Coclicos. If customers aren’t… Read more »

Market Mommy Expands Design and Printing Services for Small Businesses

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Market Mommy Expands Design and Printing Services for Small Businesses Grover Hill, OH – Strong branding and consistent messaging are important when marketing any business. In an effort to help moms and small business owners market their companies more effectively, more attractively and more affordably, Market Mommy has expanded their printing and design services. “Mom… Read more »

Party manifestos Are A Mixed Bag On Inheritance Tax Says Finders

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The Party Political manifestos published this week represent a mixed bag with regards to their approach on inheritance tax says Finders. Finders international probate genealogy firm strongly supports a cut inheritance tax. Finders says that a cut would ensure that more of those individuals left estates are able to claim the estate without suffering a… Read more »

Chalets Direct Become First Sponsors Of Top GB Ski Racers Sam And Honor Clissold

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Chalets Direct are pleased to announce the sponsorship of British junior ski racers Sam and Honor Clissold. Sam and Honor were both overall champions and individual winners of their respective age groups in the British Children’s Championship in Meribel last week. They are a unique brother and sister combination who whilst having the good fortune… Read more »

Connectedsign, LLC Unveils Lake Washington Technical College Digital Signage System

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Loren Bucklin, ConnectedSign President says: “LWTC intended to use the system for emergency communications, event and services promotion and student/visitor information. They pretty much wanted to be power users of all the system could offer.” Mike Potter, LWTC Head of IT, initially worked to get the system designed and implemented from a physical standpoint. Mike… Read more » Is New Headquarters For Envelope Printing

| This entry has a rating of 5, part of, is a division of Copy Craft Printers, an online printing company located in Lubbock, Texas. is backed by 25 years of experience in the printing industry, and specializes in high volume envelope printing for all envelope styles and sizes. features a Halm EM400 Envelope Jet Press with a UV… Read more »

PrintingHQ Officially Launched Online April 13

| This entry has a rating of 5 is a division of Copy Craft Printers, a national commercial printing company located in Lubbock, Texas. is backed by 25 years of experience in the printing industry, and specializes in offset and digital printing, as well as large-format printing. With HD waterless full color printing and spot (Pantone) color printing,’s offset printing… Read more »