Top Notch NME’s First-Class Streetwear: A Winning Style Blending Hip-Hop, Fashion, and a Love for Luxury

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Craig Washington owner of Top Notch NME is pushing the limits of short-run, luxurious streetwear shoes. His high-power, passionate approach has got the streets talking – and the feedback has been remarkable.

Detroit, MI (PRUnderground) February 25th, 2020

Why are so many people, from the best dressed in the neighborhood to entertainers, to social media influencers being seen sporting Top Notch NME shoes? While founder and owner Craig Washington is a gifted marketer and charismatic promoter of the brand, on top of delivering stunning designed shoes, there are some other interesting reasons noticed by those with a finger on the pulse of the streetwear scene why he’s been such a success.

Let’s look at a few highlights. If you are new to the brand they may even inspire you to check out and order from the latest limited-edition collection that recently debuted (but act fast before they sell out).

1. The Blend of the Best Quality Material With Urban Style. Top Notch NME knows what’s “hot” when it comes to streetwear fashion. Using that as a starting point the designers then took things further, exploding with creativity. The luxury shoes aren’t manufactured in China with low quality material but crafted by experts from things like luxury Italian leather. This hasn’t gone unnoticed both from those wearing the Top Notch NME shoes on the street for that extra flash of style or by the MANY fashion insiders who understand that this shows real dedication to quality.

2. Each Collection has Quickly Gone Viral. Looking great can be the best marketing. Craig proves this by always looking exceptionally dressed from head to toe, with the brand’s enthusiastic supporters doing the same. This has made demand on the streets high to the point of going viral.

3. Exclusivity. Short-runs of each new Top Notch NME release, plus a price point beyond what people pay for “basic” and “ordinary” shoe choices, have made it quite clear the person who wears Top Notch NME shoes is an exceptional force.

4. The Designs Keep Coming. Cool people are loyal. To family, to friends, and to brands that treat them well. Craig and Top Notch NME have built that loyalty in a growing number of streetwear enthusiasts and it just keeps getting bigger. And with new designs always in the works this loyalty is sure to continue to grow.

Check out the Top Notch NME current collection and see what you think.

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About Top Notch NME

A Welcome to a brand new reality! Welcome to Top Notch NME By Craig Washington. Top Notch is a state of mind that comes from within…that’s the NME (in me). Top Notch stands for the highest point, the best, the top of the line. It’s an Elitist state of mind and my clothing line is an extension of my mindset. When I say “Elite” I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else, I’m saying that the force that drives me causes me to continuously seek the best in and of myself.

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