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Gut Garden Announces their GoodGut Program – A Functional Approach to Gut Healing

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Gut Garden today announced the launch of their GoodGut Program – a functional medicine-based program designed to achieve optimal digestive and immune health. The program is a combination of 5 different supplements, backed by research, which when taken in conjunction can restore balance, re-establish healthy digestion, and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. “We developed the GoodGut Program… Read more »

Campbell SportWest Reveals New Respiratory Mask on Indiegogo!

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Campbell SportWest Reveals New Respiratory Mask on Indiegogo, Get Your Best Breath Possible With The Geo Lung The Geo Lung is a new mask that prevents the need to breathe smog, smoke, and dust. It was created by the new company Campbell SportWest, LLC, whose founder is Cecil Campbell. Cecil launched the Geo Lung to… Read more »

Founder Of Detroit-Based All Natural And Organic Wellness And Bodycare Company MICOPEIA Becomes One Of The First Recipients Of A Hemp Grower And Processor-Handler License In The State Of Michigan

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MICOPEIA and founder Rashon A. Massey becomes one of the first recipients of both a Hemp Grower and Processor-Handler License, as part of the State of Michigan’s Department of Agriculture & Rural Development’s (MDARD) 2019 HEMP AG-PILOT PROGRAM. To date, licenses have only been granted to a handful of applicants, in response to the… Read more »