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Single Father’s YouTube Channel for Kids, Leigha Marina, Catapults to Viral Success

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Dalibor Menicanin’s creativity and love for his daughter led to the creation of Leigha Marina, a YouTube sensation that has reached nearly 300,000 subscribers since its creation. Menicanin, a single father, embarked on a creative project with his daughter, Leigha, as his inspiration. The journey began in 2016 when he was running a full-time business… Read more »

Social Media Boosts: A new offering from

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After testing the concept for the last year, is now offering Social Media Boosts to press releases for an add-on price of $14.99 per press release. It typically greatly increases the amount of likes and views that any post about your press release will receive. Currently it must be set up by contacting…. Read more »