3 ways to get your press release into Google News

Industry: Press Release Tips

(PRUnderground) April 21st, 2014

graphic design google newsGoogle News has become one of the most widely read sources for news announcements. It takes a different approach than a typical news site – instead of providing one view on a topic it┬ásometimes links to hundreds sources so the reader can get different perspectives from different news outlets.

Google News also publishes company press releases, and for many publicists and SEO firms, getting their client’s press releases into Google News is one of the most important distribution points. But there are only 3 ways we know of to get your press release into Google News.

1) Become a Google News Provider: If you run a news website, you can submit your site for potential inclusion in Google News. It must meet certain publishing and technical requirements but it is possible. Read Google’s overview to learn more: https://support.google.com/news/publisher/answer/40787

2) Get published on a Google News source website: There are thousands of websites (online newspapers, magazine, and niche news sites) that are already Google News sources, and if you reach out to one of them and get your news announcement published on their site, it has a chance of getting included in Google News.

3) Use a Google News approved press release service: Many press release services, including PRUnderground.com, are Google News sources specifically for press releases. To test and make sure a press release service you are considering does get published in Google News, there is a very quick way to check. Search Google News with the name of the press release site at news.Google.com and make sure their releases are showing up. Note that only the last 2-4 weeks of releases will be included and they are ranked by popularity of the release. Another way to check it is to look at recent releases published on the press release site, and search the title of a few of these releases in Google News.

And remember, Google News reserves the right to publish whatever they want, so make sure your news release is a good one!

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