Case Study: A pest control company press release hits first page of Google in minutes

Industry: Case Studies

(PRUnderground) May 19th, 2014

Not every press release must be exciting to get attention on the web. Some practical businesses use press releases to provide practical advice, and that can be very much appreciated by readers and searchers out there.

For example, D.C. Mosquito Squad, a pest control company based in the Washington DC area, put out a release last week with the headline “7 Ways To Prevent Tick-Borne Illness From D.C. Mosquito Squad“. What’s great about this headline is it offers the reader something (7 tips), and the company has important keywords for their business, and their location in the headline. This is optimal for Google SEO purposes as the first 65-70 characters of the headline are what seem to get the most indexing weight in Google.

Within minutes of distribution, the release hit the normal PRUnderground syndication channels, and social media, but it also ranked on the first page of Google News and Google (out of 19million results) vfor the keywords “prevent ticks D.C.”

prevent ticks dc google It also can still be found in Google News days later:

prevent ticks dc google news(Note: All Case Studies are intended to objectively show the actual ranking results and activity from a client press release on They are not meant to be endorsements of either the PRUnderground service by the client nor our endorsement of the client’s business, but just an interesting sample of actual results.)

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