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Introducing Sculptor Hantz & His Amazing Knot Sculptures

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300Magazine is pleased to introduce Sculptor Hantz, a talented contemporary artist who creates absolutely amazing knot sculptures for public spaces and private collections. Works by Sculptor Hantz have been exhibited at a range of exhibitions across the United States, and they are installed in the parks of New York City and Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Hantz… Read more »

Paul Bojack’s Web-Based Interactive Exhibit “Your Reflection/Change of Direction” now Open

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Paul Bojack is an acclaimed multidisciplinary artist and writer who works in film, video, and the web, who has won consistent praise for stepping outside of the box with his challenging and compelling work. Building off of a series of recent successes, Bojack recently announced his latest project Your Reflection/Change of Direction opened online on… Read more »

Lifestyle Influencer and International Model Rosalie Verte Launches Her Creative Platform

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Rosalie Verte, a lifestyle influencer and international model, announced today the launch of her creative platforms. The 24-year-old beauty is all set to use her creative influence to build brand partnerships she’s passionate about. Apart from promoting establishments with great value, this bilingual influencer also takes to heart every campaign she fulfills. Despite her hectic… Read more » Online Art Marketplace Launches To Connect Artists With Audiences Who Want To Find The Perfect Piece Of Art

Posted filed under Art. has launched as a digital platform to connect artists with audiences interested in finding the perfect piece of art. The vision is to create a centralized home for artists to feature their individually-curated collections. Founder Dave Newhouse says YAYDEN is a habitat for direct engagement. “This offers buyers an enhanced experience,” he says, “So… Read more »