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Outrageous Musician/Performance Artist “Q” To Audition For “X” Factor

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In what is certain to be one of the most unusual off-the-beaten-path media campaigns in recent times, the stranger than fiction performance artist/musician “Q” announces the start of a nationwide promotional effort to introduce himself/herself to the music and art world. “Q”, (real name not disclosed) goes where no musician or artist has dared go…. Read more »

John Fowler Holiday Parks – Seventies Weekend

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The Seventies! Pop Rock, Prog Rock, Punk Rock, Art Rock! Disco! The Rise of R&B! Bob Marley! Pink Floyd! The Who! Deep Purple! Black Sabbath! Led Zeppelin! And, of course, Star Wars! The Seventies were a decade where the envelope was pushed to bursting point, then pushed even further just because we could. So many… Read more »

John Fowler Holiday Parks – Super Sixties Weekend

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John Fowler Holiday Parks know that the Swinging Sixties produced some of the best music of the last hundred years, which is why we’re giving you the chance to relive the days of the Beatles, Woodstock, the moon landing and Martin Luther King Jr. Starting at 4.00pm Friday 16th March 2012 and carrying on until… Read more »