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Ciro Dapagio Launches the MobKing Signature Attire and Gear

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The creator, writer, executive producer, and the leading man in the international award-winning web series “The MobKing,” Ciro Dapagio is pleased to launch The MobKing attire and gear for the lover of the series. This MobKing apparel features elegant cuts and chic, durable designs with excellent fashion taste for prospective buyers. Ciro Dapagio, who is… Read more »

Arizona Bounce Around Celebrates Being First Party Rental Company in the U.S. to Implement the Oso Sanitized System

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As life moves closer to a new normal with business shut downs ending, the expectation for new levels of sanitization and safety are real ones. Inflatable party rentals are no exception. In fact, families who use them, smartly, want extra peace of mind that they are safe and sound, with risks minimized. In the extended… Read more »

New Artist Damon Releases Prompt Debut Song, Hustle with a Purpose

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Damon, new uplifting artist, releases his debut song, “Hustle with a Purpose.”  When he’s not creating inspirational dance music, Damon is a healthcare worker. Damon created “Hustle with a Purpose” with his recent struggles relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and hopes to spread some light in a dark time. In an effort to shine even… Read more »