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Steve Eastin Gives An Insider’s View of Police Officers’ Lives in His Book Backup after the Beat

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Feared by some and respected by others, law enforcement officers and first responders are often undervalued. Their day-to-day job — filled with distressing scenes of violence, abuse, and desperation — eventually takes a toll on their physical and mental wellbeing. Steve Eastin’s new book, Backup after the Beat, available on Amazon, is written to support… Read more »

Mainstream Meditation Announces 21-Day Master Your Mindset Challenge

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Mainstream Meditation is announcing a 21-day Master Your Mindset Challenge for September. The goals of the challenge are to teach participants how to become more present, how to reflect in order to identify emotional triggers, and how to develop an individual meditation practice. Owner and Coach Elizabeth Phillips says the challenge is from her upcoming… Read more »

AC Repair Company in Frisco TX Continues to Provide Quality HVAC Repairs Despite “New Normal”

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Air Repair Pros is one of the most reliable and trusted AC Repair Company in Frisco TX. Air Repair Pros is providing unparalleled residential HVAC repair and installation services in North Dallas and nearby regions. Even during the post-COVID-19 lockdown era, the company continues to offer new normal HVAC services to its clients while following… Read more »