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Historic Record Inspires New Bungee Jumpers

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Extreme Element, Guinness World Records and the UK Bungee Club teamed up to help James make history. His goal was not just to break the old record but to set a new one that would be really hard to beat. That is exactly what he did. James says the performance of the exceptional ground crew… Read more »

New Website Aimed At Supplying Junior Sports & Educational Equipment to Schools And Childrens Groups

Posted by & filed under Sporting Goods, Sports. has been set up with the sole intension of supplying quality sports and educational equipment to primary and junior schools and groups throughout the UK. As well as covering all junior sports played in the U.K, the new website offers more specialist equipment aimed at improving balance and dexterity, hand eye co-ordination and a… Read more »

Kitesurfing: Going Beyond The Basics

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Now, you wonder, what’s next? Kitesurfing may be a relatively new sport, but it has enough depth and variety to keep your feet glued to the board and your hands strapped to the handle for a long time. Once you’ve mastered the basic skills of handling your kite, your body and your board, it’s time… Read more »

Exelement Brings Back the Successful Mountain Boarding Day

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During a whole day, a throng of people from all ages gathered on the slopes of Redhill in Surrey to learn the ropes of mountain boarding and even compete in the numerous events held during the afternoon. The event also included a group BBQ (a crowd puller for certain, no one says no to good… Read more »