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(PRUnderground) March 8th, 2017’s syndication network has grown! In one of our greatest expansions to date, now publishes all press releases to over 120 FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, and Telemundo news websites. That means even your Starter press releases get published on over 170 news websites!

With any plan you choose, from Starter to Diamond, your press release will be published to these TV and radio websites, and you will have a link to your press release on these sites that you can send out to clients, prospects, investors, partners, or to add to your website. Some of the TV and radio sites include FOX5 Las Vegas, CBS 8 San Diego, NBC Action News 5 Memphis, CBS 19 Cleveland, FOX 12 Portland, CBS 58 Milwaukee, FOX 8 New Orleans, FOX 19 Cincinnati, ABC 7 Ft Myers, ABC Island News Hawaii and many more. You will find your new press release pickups in your PDF reports that you get with each release. Here is a sample report:

We hope it adds more audience to your company announcements, reach across many US markets, a bit of SEO, and a nice link you can send around or post as needed. For example, let’s say your company is exhibiting at a tradeshow in Las Vegas and you have announced it by press release – get the link to your press release on FOX5 Las Vegas and post it to your Facebook page or website or email list. This can be a great credibility builder.

And of course we still publish to Google News, social media, and an additional 40+ news sites such as the International Business Times, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, TravelWeekly,,  TravelWeekly,, and more.

You can see the current list of TV and radio websites below (click through to see press releases on each site. We have a direct feed in.)


  • AM 950 (Lubbock, TX, General News)
  • Crossroads today (Victoria, TX, ABC News)
  • CW Lockwood (Sherman-Ada, TN CW News)
  • DoubleT (Lubbock, TX, General News)
  • Eagle (Lubbock, TX, General News)
  • EBOC (Salisbury, MD, FOX News)
  • Fox34 (Lubbock, TX, FOX News)
  • KAIT (Jonesboro, AR, ABC/NBC News)
  • KAKE (Wichita-Hutchinson KS, ABC News)
  • KAUZ (Wichita Falls & Lawton, TX CBS News)
  • KAYU (Spokane, WA, FOX News)
  • KCBD (Lubbock, TX, NBC News)
  • KCTV (Kansas City, MO, CBS News)
  • KDRV KDKF (Medford-Klamath Falls, OR, ABC News)
  • KEYC (Mankato, MN, CBS/FOX News)
  • KEYU (Amarillo, TX, Telemundo News)
  • KEZI (Eugene, OR, ABC News)
  • KFBB (Helena, MT, ABC/FOX News)
  • KFDA (Amarillo, TX, CBS News)
  • KFMB (San Diego, CA, CBS News)
  • KFMB AM (San Diego, CA, General News)
  • KFMB FM (San Diego, CA, General News)
  • KFVE (Honolulu, HI, General News)
  • KFVS12 (MO, CBS News)
  • KHNL KGMB (Honolulu, HI, General News)
  • KHQ (Spokane, WA, NBC News)
  • KHSL KNVN (Chico-Redding, CA, CBS/NBC News)
  • KITV (Honolulu, HI, ABC News)
  • KLKN (Lincoln, NE, ABC News)
  • KLTV (Tyler-Longview, TX, ABC News)
  • KLTVSP (Tyler-Longview, TX, Spanish News)
  • KMIR (Palm Springs, CA, NBC News)
  • KMOV (St. Louis, MO, General News)
  • KNDU/KNDO (Yakima, WA, NBC News)
  • KOLD (Tucson, AZ, General News)
  • KOTV (Tulsa, OK, General News)
  • KPLC (Lake Charles, LA, NBC News)
  • KPTV (Portland, OR, FOX News)
  • KQCW (Tulsa, OK, CW News)
  • KRGV (Harlingen, TX, ABC News)
  • KSLA (Shreveport, LA, General News)
  • KSWO (Wichita Falls & Lawton, TX ABC News)
  • KTBS (Shreveport, LA, ABC News)
  • KTEN (Sherman-Ada, TN NBC News)
  • KTIV (Sioux City, IA, NBC News)
  • KTLE (Odessa-Midland, TX, Telemundo News)
  • KTMF (Missoula, MT, ABC/FOX News)
  • KTRE (Tyler-Longview, TX, ABC News)
  • KTVK Azfamily (Phoenix/Prescott, AZ, General News)
  • KTVN (Reno, NV, CBS News)
  • KUAM (Guam, General News)
  • KULR (Billings, MT, NBC News)
  • KUSI (San Diego, CA, General News)
  • KVHP (Lake Charles, LA, FOX News)
  • KVVU (Las Vegas, NV, FOX News)
  • KWES (Odessa-Midland, TX, NBC News)
  • KWTV (Oklahoma City, OK, General News)
  • KWWL (Cedar Rapids, IA, NBC News)
  • KXXV (Waco, TX, ABC News)
  • Lubbock CW (Lubbock, TX, CW News)
  • Magic (Lubbock, TX, General News)
  • MyLubbockTV (Lubbock, TX, General News)
  • Oldies (Lubbock, TX, General News)
  • RFDTV (Nashville, TN, General News)
  • Rock (Lubbock, TX, General News)
  • SNJ Today (Millville, NJ, General News)
  • SWXRN (Spokane, WA, General News)
  • Telemundo Lubbock (Lubbock, TX, Telemundo News)
  • Telemundo NM (Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM, Telemundo News)
  • WAFB (Baton Rouge, LA, CBS News)
  • WAFF (Huntsville, AL, General News)
  • WALB (Odessa-Midland, TX, NBC/ABC News)
  • WAND (Champaign/Springfield, IL, NBC News)
  • WAVE (Louisville, KY, NBC News)
  • WBBH (Ft. Myers-Naples, FL, NBC News)
  • WBCB (Youngstown, OH, CW News)
  • WBND (South Bend-Elkhart, IN, ABC News)
  • WBOC (Salisbury, MD, General News)
  • WBOY (Clarksburg-Weston, WV, General News)
  • WBRC (Birmingham, AL, FOX News)
  • WBTV (Charlotte, NC, General News)
  • WCSC (Burlington-Plattsburgh, SC, CBS News)
  • WDAM (Hattiesburg-Laurel, MS, General News)
  • WDJT (Milwaukee, WI, CBS News)
  • WDRB (Louisville, KY, General News)
  • WECT (Wilmington, NC, NBC News)
  • WFIE (Evansville, IN, NBC News)
  • WFLX (West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FL, FOX News)
  • WFMJ (Youngstown, OH, NBC News)
  • WFXG (Augusta-Aiken, GA, FOX News)
  • WICU/WSEE (Erie, PA, General News)
  • WICZ (Binghamton, NY, FOX News)
  • WISTV (Columbia, SC, General News)
  • WKTV (Utica, NY, NBC/CBS News)
  • WLBT (Jackson, MS, General News)
  • WLIO (Lima, OH, General News)
  • WLNE (Providence-New Bedford, RI, ABC News)
  • WLOX (Biloxi-Gulfport, MS, ABC/CBS News)
  • WLWC (Providence-New Bedford, RI, CW News)
  • WMBF (Myrtle Beach-Florence, SC, NBC News)
  • WMCTV (Memphis, TN, NBC News)
  • WNKY (Bowling Green, KY, NBC/CBS News)
  • WOIO (Cleveland-Akron, OH, CBS News)
  • WOWK (Charleston-Huntington, WV, General News)
  • WPSD (Kentucky, NBC News)
  • WRCB (Chattanooga, TN, NBC News)
  • WSFA (Montgomery-Selma, AL, NBC News)
  • WSIL (Illinois, ABC News)
  • WTOC (Savannah, GA, General News)
  • WTOL (Toledo, OH, CBS News)
  • WTRF (Wheeling-Steubenville, WV, General News)
  • WTVA (Columbus-Tupelo, MS, NBC News)
  • WTVM (Columbus, GA, ABC News)
  • WUAB (Cleveland-Akron, OH, CBS News)
  • WUPV (Richmond-Petersburg, VA, CW News)
  • WVILL (Charleston-Huntington, WV, General News)
  • WVIR (Charlottesville, VA, NBC News)
  • WVNS (Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill, WV, General News)
  • WVUE (New Orleans, LA, FOX News)
  • WWBT (Richmond-Petersburg, VA, NBC News)
  • WWTV/WWUP (Traverse City-Cadillac, MI, General News)
  • WXIX (Cincinnati, OH, FOX News)
  • WZVN (Ft. Myers-Naples, FL, ABC News)
  • Yes FM (Lubbock, TX, General News)


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