When should you distribute your press release on Yahoo Finance?

Industry: Press Release Tips

(PRUnderground) November 9th, 2015

PRUnderground.com can now publish your press release to Yahoo Finance, through our new US National Plan. However, it costs a lot more ($189/release) than our normal press releases ($20-$39). So we want to break down when you might consider paying up for inclusion on Yahoo Finance.

yahoo-us-2015.gifAs many of you know, Yahoo Finance is one of the top business news websites in the world, with what is reported to be the most unique visitors of the business websites. The widely read site can add instant credibility to your business, and is one of the gems of the Yahoo network of properties. So when you publish your release on Yahoo Finance, be ready to get the link and send it around to partners, investors, employees, customers, and potential customers.

Here are some good topics to announce in a press release distributed to Yahoo Finance to build immediate credibility:

  • Company launch
  • New product/service launch
  • New key executive hires
  • Receiving an award
  • New company or product partnerships
  • New venture capital announcement
  • Hitting financial or company milestones
  • Research or analytics reports
  • Event announcements
  • Business expansion

BUT, once you send the release remember to send a link to the release on Yahoo Finance to 10-100 people (potential customers, investors, partners, clients, sponsors), or put a link to the announcement in your email signature and or website for at least a month (or until your next big news). The value of being on Yahoo Finance is much greater when you re-purpose the link in different communications to help build credibility.

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