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Under-Ground Water Toxification–The Biggest Threat For Human Life: Cautions UN IDB-WED Observance

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Research shows that by the next 65 to 85 years, global warming could lead to a rise of up to 2 meters at sea-levels worldwide, making many of the land mass and island areas uninhabitable, especially in the Pacific region. Adjacently, on a contiguous perspective-milieu, the hydro-toxication levels of sub-surface water reserves could reach and… Read more »

SmartPower and ReNewable Now Announce Media Partnership

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SmartPower and Renewable Now today announced a strategic media partnership that will leverage the new media channels offered through ReNewableNow.Biz with the clean energy and energy efficiency expertise of SmartPower. That partnership was in evidence at ReNewable Now and SmartPower share a common mission of increasing the use of clean energy and energy efficiency… Read more »

Sunscreen Chemical in Soaps, Cosmetics, & Body Fragrances Threaten Coral Reefs, says Haereticus

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A team of marine scientists from Virginia, Florida, Israel, and the U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration published a study demonstrating that a common UV absorber found in over 380 different product lines of soaps, laundry detergents, cosmetics, and body fragrances is highly toxic to corals. This chemical, benzophenone-2, commonly known as “BP-2”, is released… Read more »