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Envirocycle® Achieves Major Milestone in Home Sewage Treatment and Water Recycling

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A new report by UH at Mānoa details that a major milestone has been achieved in the quest to fight the Hawai’i cesspool pollution epidemic by wastewater treatment technology innovation company Envirocycle® Hawai’i ( Envirocycle® technology has just been certified by UH at Mānoa to be better than all State and National wastewater regulations for… Read more »

Jeffrey “Optical” Cohen Talks On Weather Prediction and Weather Control

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The art of weather forecasting has been around since the early civilizations using re-occurring astronomical and meteorological actions to determine changes in the weather through the seasons back in 650 B.C. Today, there are new satellites; high tech equipment and new and improved super computers that scientists and researchers use to learn more about weather… Read more »

PBES announces the world’s safest marine battery system at Workboat 2015

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PBES, a global leader in battery storage for industrial applications, will unveil the world’s safest energy storage. The PBES system will be displayed at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans, December 1 – 3, 2015 in the exhibition hall at the C-Rate Solutions booth number 4669. “The historic challenge for lithium batteries has always… Read more »